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Training Slayer APK APK

Training Slayer APK APK

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App Name Training Slayer APK APK
Genre ,
Size 275 MB
Latest Version v50.1
MOD Info free
Last Updated                         May 29, 2024

Want to be a demon slayer? Training Slayer APK lets you fight demons similar to Tanjiro! Follow his tale as he trains to emerge as a demon slayer and keep his sister Nezuko. Explore cool worlds, combat awful men, and use effective sword attacks. You can even play with friends in exciting 2v2 battles. If you want Demon Slayer or cool preventing video games, that is the one for you!

Gameplay of Training Slayer APK

Fight demons like Tanjiro within the Demon Slayer recreation! Slash enemies with cool sword moves and special assaults. Master specific combating patterns with different slayers you unencumber. Play with pals in amusing 2v2 battles or combat AI enemies to get better. It’s motion-packed a laugh for Slayer lovers and everybody who loves fighting games!

Features of Training Slayer APK

This action & adventure game has endless gaming fun which is ensured by its exciting features.

Character Selection

Choose your direction! Training Slayer permits you to select from a variety of playable characters, every with their very own particular fighting styles and capabilities. Whether you choose Tanjiro’s effective swordsmanship, Zenitsu’s electrifying attacks, or Inosuke’s ferocious rate, there’s a slayer for each person.

Training Arena

Sharpen your blade! The Training Arena is your personal dojo, where you may practice primary assaults, mixtures, and special movements. Hone your reflexes with target dummies, best your respiratory strategies, and grasp the artwork of demon slaying without the worry of having harm.

Enemy Variety

Face your fears! Training Slayer throws a whole lot of demons your manner, each with distinct attack patterns and weaknesses. Learn to adapt your combating fashion to triumph over hulking brutes, agile speedsters, or even problematic illusionists.

Difficulty Levels

Push your limits! The app gives adjustable problem stages, allowing you to tailor the task for your talent stage. Start with weaker demons to analyze the ropes, then step by step ramp up the difficulty as you grasp your combat talents.

Performance Tracking

See your development! Training Slayer tracks your overall performance inside the Training Arena. Monitor your assault accuracy, combination efficiency, and special pass usage to discover areas for improvement. Aim to beat your own records and become a more efficient slayer.

Skill Tree Progression

Unlock your capability! The Training Slayer APK features a talent tree gadget. Earn points through training and use them to free up new competencies, beautify your present actions, and specialize your individual for specific fight roles.

Versus Mode

Test your mettle! Challenge yourself against AI opponents in Versus Mode. This offline feature permits you to practice your talents in opposition to extraordinary preventing patterns and hone your reflexes in simulated struggle surroundings.

Customization Options

Express yourself! Personalize your slayer’s look with a number of unlockable beauty options. Change their sword layout, unlock new individual clothes, and create a unique search for your demon slayer.

Interactive Tutorials

Learn from the nice! Don’t recognize where to begin? Training Slayer gives interactive tutorials that guide you via the basics of fight, respiratory techniques, and powerful strategies for defeating specific forms of demons.

Stats and Leaderboards

Become the pinnacle slayer! Track your progress and examine your overall performance with other gamers through in-recreation stats and leaderboards. See the way you stack up against the competition and strive to end up the closing demon slayer.

Training Slayer APK Download

This game is a rejigged version of the Demon Slayers game. Hence it is not officiated on the Play Store and other Android app stores. You have to go with the APK file given on this platform. Use the download file link wrapped in the download button to unwrap the APK file. Tap download and get the game file for your Android to enjoy Slayer fights on your mobile. The installation process does require permission which you can easily do in the security section of your settings. You have to permit an ‘Unknown Source’ toggle in the security section before installation.


Training Slayer APK is the revised game version of Demon Slayers which is a traditional adventure game. Here you will get more characters compared to the traditional predecessor version. Enjoy all game modes offline & online to keep your adventure on the go. The gameplay comes with a progressive style where you have to fight and go through levels. Download Training Slayer APK now and enjoy the endless action and adventure with Slayer fights on your Android.

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