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Training Slayer APK APK

Training Slayer APK APK

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App Name Training Slayer APK APK
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Size 237MB
Latest Version V48.0
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Last Updated                         February 3, 2024

Training Slayer APK is an animated game for Android users to enjoy 3D gameplay in offline & online gaming modes. This game is based on a story of revenge. In this game, there are plenty of gaming characters and Slayer (a female) is the main character. An enemy has killed the family of this female and now it is in revenge for his family’s murder. So you have to play the game using this character and take on enemies and bosses. There are different game levels and a variety of online and offline modes. Animated 3D graphics with the themed environment of animated series make this game a perfect entertainment and fun partner.

Features of Training Slayer APK

There is a great diversity of animated characters and exciting features in this game. Let’s explore all of them.

Engaging Story Line

This Slayer training game comes with an engaging storyline based on family revenge. A slayer has killed your family members and you have to take revenge for this kill. Moreover, there are plenty of game levels with increasing challenges to keep you immersed in the storyline.

3D Graphics

Training Slayer MOD APK comes with 3D animated graphics. You will be enjoying the gameplay with animated 3D graphics with stunning sounds and music background. Moreover, changing the dynamic environment with animated visuals makes the gameplay visually appealing.

Animated Characters

There are dozens of characters from your gaming hero to goons. This diversity helps you make choices. You are free to go with any desired character and you can also customize all your characters.

Variety of Game Modes

To keep you thrilled all the way, Training Slayer APK offers a variety of game modes. You can go for campaign mode, survival mode, and challenge mode. In addition to this, there are also multiplayer modes. Moreover, you can also play the game with up to 50 levels without internet access in offline mode.

Offline Gameplay

In addition to online single-player and multiplayer modes, you can also play games offline. Its offline mode offers free access to up to 50 levels. Moreover, there is also diversity in this offline game.

Plenty of Game Levels

There are hundreds of game levels. In different modes, this game offers a different number of levels. From startup levels to boss modes, there are a variety of challenges. Each game level has different tasks and challenges.

Boss Modes

Training Slayer APK offers different challenges and levels. From these levels and challenges, Boss mode is the toughest one. In this mode, you have to take on bosses.

Weapons Armory

To kill enemies, goons, and bosses, you need weapons. Hence, this game comes with a diverse range of weapons in its weapon armory. You can pick weapons from a diverse range of available weapons and can also upgrade their performance.

Character Customization

Your game character your personalizations. Training Slayer APK offers a flexible personalization option for your game characters. You can customize your characters and upgrade the skill level of different characters in the game. Moreover, you can try accessories, clothes, and different customization options for your characters.

Training Slayer Download

Are you an anime lover and love to play animated games? Then this game is perfect for your animated gaming thrill. You can download the game and enjoy an animated series of themed gaming with 3D graphics. Tap the download button to get the Slayer game in the latest APK version from this page. Allow mandatory permissions from settings and set up this 3D animated environment on your Android for on-the-go gaming joy.


Training Slayer APK is a matchless Android game for anime lovers. It offers 3D graphics, engaging gameplay, a variety of game modes, and a diversity of characters. There is a huge amount of weapons in its weapon collection and all weapons can be upgraded. Moreover, you can also customize your character. Download the game now and enjoy online & offline gameplay in an animated 3D environment.


How to get all characters unlocked in Training Slayer?

Try the MOD version of the game or use in-game money to unlock all the characters in the game.

Can I play the Training Slayer Game offline?

Yes, this animated 3D game offers online and offline gameplay. Moreover, you can also play different game modes in offline gameplay.

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