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App Name Z Legends 3 APK
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Latest Version v1.1.3
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Last Updated                         June 11, 2024

Want to fight like Goku? Z Legends 3 lets you brawl with all your favorite Dragon Ball heroes and villains. Play as characters from every Dragon Ball saga, from classic Goku to super strong villains like Frieza. Each fighter has special moves you can learn, just like in the anime. Battle solo against endless enemies, fight in tournaments to be the champion, or team up with friends for 3v3 brawls. It is a free, fun fighting game that brings Dragon Ball battles to life.

Z Legends 3 APK

Gameplay of Z Legends 3 APK

Z Legends 3 throws you into the heart of epic Dragon Ball brawls. Pick your favorite fighter, from iconic heroes like Goku to fearsome villains like Frieza. Unleash powerful attacks and combos you recognize from the anime. Master blasts, dodges, and throws to outsmart your opponent. Challenge yourself in endless battles against enemy hordes in Survival Mode. Test your skills against other players in Tournament Mode, aiming to be the ultimate champion. Team up with two friends and battle other teams in exciting 3v3 matches. With easy-to-learn controls and multiple ways to play.

Features of Z Legends 3 APK

This gaming title brings endless fun with its variety of game modes, exciting contests, and diversity of features.

Assemble Your Dream Dragon Ball Team

Imagine building your ultimate fighting squad. Z Legends 3 boasts a vast roster of characters spanning the entire Dragon Ball saga. From the iconic heroes of the Z Fighters like Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, to the ruthless villains like Frieza, Cell, and the menacing Zamasu, the choice is yours. Strategize and assemble a team that complements each other’s fighting styles to dominate the battlefield.

Combos and Special Moves

Z Legends 3 APK captures the essence of classic Dragon Ball battles. Each character has a unique set of moves faithfully recreated from the anime. Unleash Goku’s devastating Kamehameha wave, feel the power surge of Vegeta’s Final Flash, or unleash the chilling terror of Frieza’s Death Ball. Mastering these special attacks and combos is key to victory, so train hard and perfect your timing.

Multiple Game Modes

Z Legends 3 offers diverse ways to challenge yourself and hone your fighting skills. For the solo players, Survival Mode throws you into a gauntlet of relentless enemy waves. Test your endurance and strategic thinking as you eliminate opponent after opponent. Feeling competitive? Tournament Mode allows you to battle against other players in a classic tournament structure. Climb the ranks, defeat all challengers, and become the ultimate Z Legend.

Thrilling 3v3 Battles

Teamwork makes the dream work in Z Legends 3 APK. Join forces with two friends and take on other teams in exhilarating 3v3 battles. The key to success lies in communication and strategy. Coordinate your attacks, utilize character synergies, and unleash team combos to dominate the battlefield.

Easy-to-Learn Controls

Z Legends 3 welcomes both seasoned fighting game veterans and newcomers alike. The controls are intuitive and simple to pick up, allowing you to focus on mastering your chosen character’s moveset and strategies. Don’t worry about complex button combinations – unleashing your inner Dragon Ball hero is just a few taps away.

Dive Deep into Customization

Want to personalize your fighting experience? It offers customization options to tailor your team to your preferences. Unlock new costumes for your characters, personalize their training grounds, and even choose unique victory poses. Let your fighting style be reflected in your team’s appearance.

Completely Free-to-Play

That’s right. You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy the epic fights of Z Legends 3 APK. The game is completely free to play, making it accessible to a wide range of players. While there may be optional in-app purchases, the core gameplay remains accessible without spending a dime.

Z Legends 3 APK Download

The download process is very simple as you do for all your APK installation of files. Here are some prominent steps to help you.

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  • Open the Settings>> Security.
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  • Open the APK file, and tap on Install.


The Z Legends 3 APK beat the big bad X. Anya, the tech wiz, overloaded its robot heart in an epic explosion. X was gone, but a scar marked the near destruction of everything. The team disbanded. Kai, the warrior, guarded the scar. Zara, the rogue, vanished. Anya honed her skills in secret. But there was hope. A young girl with amazing potential appeared, ready to be the next legend in the game.

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