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App Name YouTube Go APK
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Size 14MB
Latest Version v3.25.54
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Last Updated                         February 27, 2024

YouTube Go APK is the best option for YouTube lovers who use low-end devices and are willing to download videos for offline viewing. It comes with a low app size to make storage friendly for devices. There are only two tabs in this lighter version and the interface is simple. You will get a list of videos to watch as you log in using your YouTube account. These videos are similar to interests on your official YouTube account. Moreover, the Go version of YT also brings a tab to keep your downloads to watch them without the internet.

What is YouTube Go?

As you know there is no bigger video content platform than YouTube. Hence, billions of users find it the perfect source of entertainment. There is a web version and an official app version for this video entertainment monster. However, some low-end device users find it tough to go with the official version due to the heavy app size. Here YouTube Go APK comes into play. It is a small, lightweight, and efficient version. It suits perfectly well due to its low app size and ability to work on low-end devices.

Features of YouTube Go

Though it’s a small-sized YouTube package still it offers huge entertainment with its features. Let’s enlist and discuss those amazing offerings of this Go version.

Small App Size

The first thing is its small app size which makes it device-friendly for all low and high-end devices. Specially low-end device users have to face storage problems due to small storage space. Hence, this app becomes a perfect asset for them to enjoy YouTube entertainment without worrying about storage.

Less Internet Consumption

As the app size is small so usage of internet consumption is also low. This consumption is not low only while downloading it but also while using it. It has a simple interface with fewer options on the page. So the app has to load fewer things compared to the official app and internet consumption is also low.

Simple UI

YouTube Go App has a much simpler UI compared to the official app. There is only a list of your favorite videos and two tabs. One is a home tab that has all YouTube videos and the other is a Download tab that has downloaded video for offline viewing. Moreover, to enhance your entertainment, there is also a search field.

Login to Get Preferred Entertainment

This Go version also includes a login feature where you can log in to this app using your YT account. All you need is to provide your YT account credentials or create a new account using Gmail. It will bring all the preferred entertainment to you according to your interests on this app or the official app of YouTube.

Low & High-Quality Support

For watching videos on this Go version or downloading them to your gallery, there is an option to choose video quality. You can choose low video quality and high video quality for online streaming or your video downloads.

Direct Downloads to Gallery

In addition to its built-in download library, it also includes a direct download option that was missing in the official version. This Go version will allow you to download videos directly from YouTube to your device gallery. Due to this direct download feature, many high-end device users are heading to this Go version. You can download high-quality videos from YouTube and enjoy them offline in your device gallery.

Built-in Media Player

To stream YouTube content and watch videos online, there is a media player on YouTube Go. It gives you the same seamless streaming experience that you love to enjoy in the official app of YouTube.

Works with Low-End Devices & Weak Internet

The best thing about this Go version is its ability on low-end devices and weak internet connections. Usually, low-end devices have weak internet connections due to their process support. Hence, the go version becomes the only option for those low-end device users to enjoy YouTube on the go.

Download YouTube Go

If you are a low-end device user and struggling to enjoy YouTube then this Go version is only for you. You can download this Go version from this page and enjoy seamless YouTube streaming. Use the download button to get this Go version for your Android device. Due to the low app size, it will consume less space, less internet MBs, and will be downloaded within seconds. Complete the download, install the Go version, and enjoy Happy streaming for YouTube.


YouTube Go is the lite version of YouTube to enjoy streaming irrespective of device compatibility. This lite version supports low-end devices with its diverse compatibility range. You can watch videos and also directly download them from YT Go to your gallery. Simple interface and offline viewing make this app a perfect entertainment partner for all YouTube enthusiasts on low and high-end Android devices.


Can I directly download videos with YouTube Go?

Yes, this app allows you to grab videos directly into your gallery to enjoy offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

Does YouTube Go contain ads?

Yes, you have to go through instream ads similar to the official version of the app. It is just a low-end and low-weight version with basic adjustments but it does not block ads.

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