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App Name United Mods Max APK
Genre ,
Size 155 MB
Latest Version v2.10
MOD Info Free Fire
Last Updated                         June 14, 2024

United Mods Max is the power to Garena Free Fire Players. It helps them unlock all the features, assets, and accessories they wish to enjoy. This free tool overcomes premiums and unlocks, amibot, auto-headshot, ESPs, Emotes, Mod Menus, and various tools. You can enjoy the full potential of the game. Moreover, it integrates special game tricks to keep you ahead of others. You can enjoy high-speed running, water running, wall-trick, fly mode, and more. All this gaming boost comes with anti-ban protection to keep your Garena account secure.

United Mods

What is United Mods Max APK

Garena Free Fire is a very popular MOBA game for mobile users all across the globe. It offers intense gameplay endless battles, and plenty of premium features. These premium features prove costly for many users as not everyone can pay for them. Hence, those users look for free tools to unlock them and United Mods Max APK is the best tool for them. It unlocks all premium game features & accessories and inserts many hack features in the game. Moreover, it also optimizes graphics and your overall game performance.

Features of United Mods Max

There are many features that you can get for your gaming using this app. Here are some notable game features that it will unlock for you.


Taking headshots is pleasing for gamers and also boosts their ranking points. But the fast-paced gameplay of Garena FF does not allow you to take headshots so easily. Hence, this tool unlocks auto-headshots for you. It will automate your aim at the heads of your foes to increase your headshot count.


United Mods Max App will unlock a complete aimbot menu for you. You can get ‘Aim When See’, ‘Aim when scope’, ‘Aim when fire’, and many other aiming features. This complete menu will automate your aiming process.


While this tool automates aiming with Aimbot, it also gives stability to your shooting. It includes four different kinds of aim-lock for different levels of stability while shooting.


One of the most loved features of Garena FF is also a crosshair menu. United Mods Max also inserts this menu into your gameplay. You can unlock draw crosshair and crosshair color & size.

Optimized Sensitivity

Game sensitivity is key to success for every gamer in MOBA titles. Hence, players customize and optimize their game sensitivity and control. But this tool with bring auto-optimization for your game sensitivity.

Fast Forward 8x

When you move forward, this tool will enhance your forwarding speed. You can enhance speed in different speed levels from normal to 8x faster forwarding.


In the intense battleground of Garena, ESPs play an important role. Hence, this tool unlocks all the ESPs of the game free for you. Get a complete menu for different ESPs.

Speed Running

This patching tool can manipulate your game speed and the running speed of your character in the battleground. You can enhance your character speed upto 8x faster compared to normal running speed.

Medkit Running

This is a special integration of United Mods Max in the gameplay. You can use Medkit while you are on the run. Now there is no need to hide or stop to heel your injuries and use medkit because you can do that while running.

Fly Mode

One of the advanced hacks of this tool is an integration of fly mode. This mode will allow you to fly over the epic battleground of Garena. Aerial root helps you to identify your foe’s locations and manipulate better strategies to kill them.

Far & Drone Camera View

This tool inserts special camera views into your gameplay. You can use the far view to watch the distinct locations and enemies. Moreover, it also gives a drone view that can watch the complete battleground in a single frame.

Anti-ban Protection

Most tools for patching games are very risky and often cause account bans. But this one includes protection measures that keep bans away.

United Mods Max APK Download

Using a mod menu, patching tool, or gaming panel for Garena FF is highly risk for the game account. But still you wanna unlock game features by keeping your account at the edge of an account ban then this app is here for you. You can download it using the download button and get its APK file for free. Complete the download, install the tool, and unlock the full array of gaming features for free.


United Mods Max APK is the best tool to unlock the gaming features and different Mod menus in Garena FF. It will unlock aim menus including an aimbot, auto aim, a-headshot, and Aim-Lock. Moreover, it also unlocks premium accessories and weapons of the game. Its hack features will keep you ahead. You can get different tricks and magic features in the game. It also gives you a Far view and Drone camera. Download United Mods Max APK and unlock all the menus and features of Garena Free Fire.

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