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TM Whatsapp APK

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App Name TM Whatsapp APK
Genre ,
Size 83 MB
Latest Version v8.75
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         May 3, 2024

TM Whatsapp is an advanced third-party Mod for WhatsApp users developed by independent developer Titus Mukisa. It was launched to assist users with account bann issues and enjoy unlocked features. You can use it to get DND, Auto-reply, schedule messaging, chat privacy, and other options. It brings a status downloader, UI customizer, theme store, and theme builder. You can enjoy anonymity with personalized privacy and ghost mode. It will boost your security with app lock, chat lock, icon customization, and other protection shields. You can enhance your social circle by creating unlimited groups. Moreover, its sharing feature overcomes the official sharing limits for videos & documents. Now you can share video images, photos, files, and documents without any limits.

TM Whatsapp

What is TM Whatsapp APK

Whatsapp is a global brand and has the most number of users that are connected around the globe. From video/audio calling to media sharing, this platform provides endless features. But there are certain limits in it for official version users. Hence, Mods are developed for this social app every year. However, the problem arose towards the start of 2024 when WhatsApp started banning those Mod version accounts. Therefore Titus Mukisa developed the TM WhatsApp App. It keeps the account ban away while giving you a complete set of Mod features.

Features of TM Whatsapp

This Mod version of WhatsApp ensures account safety with Anti-ban and offers an endless amount of features.


The first and only reason to develop this Mod was an anti-ban feature. In 2024, most of the accounts are facing account bans and most people are switching to other Mods or official versions of WhatsApp. Hence, this Mod brings in a strong and protective Anti-ban feature. It protects your account from bans and gives you all Mod features for free.

Status Downloader

TM Whatsapp App has a built-in downloader for all WhatsApp statuses. You can get every image & video status in your gallery with a one-click download. The best thing about its status downloader is that it keeps your identity anonymous.

Ghost Mode with Anonymity Features

There are many advanced features included in this TM version that ensure complete anonymity. You can hide your identity in chats, hide your online status, and withdraw your presence from the status view list of others. Hence, there is complete anonymity with this app that you can enjoy.

Personalized Chat Privacy

TM Whatsapp cares about your privacy. Hence, it gives you privacy control so that you can choose and set your own privacy preferences. You can enable/disable the blue tick and set other privacy options in chats.

Chat Lock & App Lock

This app takes serious measures for the protection of your chats, media, and other WhatsApp data. You can use chat lock and app lock as protection measures. It supports all sorts of Passwords, PINs, Finger, and face locks.

DND Mode

There is a DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode in this app for boosting your multitasking. You can disable the internet for this app and keep enjoying the internet for all your other games & apps.

UI Customization

TM Whatsapp APK contains a UI customizer. This customizer allows users to set preferences for their app UI. You can choose the layout, design, setting, color, and theme for your UI. Its theme store gives you customization and personalization control.


This Mod contains a theme store, theme customizer, and theme builder. Hence, you have complete control to try different themes and customize them. Moreover, its theme builder helps to create and customize your new themes.

Unlimited Groups

Do you have social circles and many groups to manage? Then TM Whatsapp is the best option for you. It brings in the luxury of creating and controlling unlimited groups with ease. Moreover, it gives you the luxury to add unlimited people to your WhatsApp groups.

Non-Stop Sharing

There are no sharing limits in this app for video & file size. You can send large files, HD videos, and heavy-size documents without limits. Moreover, there is no limit to sharing images as you can send hundreds of images to hundreds of contacts at once.

TM Whatsapp APK Download

Downloading this Mod or any other WhatsApp Mod will ultimately end in an account ban. Still, the developer of this Mod claims for Anti-ban and users trust this Mod. But there is no surety about how secure it is and how much time it can keep you secure. If you wanna try this Mod then Download its Mod APK file from this page. Get it here, open the file, and install the Mod to enjoy an anti-ban feature and a completely personalized WhatsApp experience.


TM Whatsapp is the latest Mod that is becoming popular very quickly. Millions of users have shown faith in this Mod. It is working nicely with account ban protection and all other Mod features. You can enjoy anonymity, personalization, and customization. Moreover, it gives complete protection with many protection shields including Anti-ban, chat lock, app lock, icon customization, and end-to-end encryption. Download TM Whatsapp APK for free and boost your anonymity, socializing, customization, protection, sharing, and personalization.

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