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Tekken 8 APK

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App Name Tekken 8 APK
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Latest Version v1.2.4
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Last Updated                         June 13, 2024

Tekken 8 APK has been launched for mobile users to boost their gaming fun. In this advanced version of the game, you will find a more diverse collection of characters. All the mission characters from the previous series have made a comeback in this 8th release. You will get 32 different characters including some new faces. This game offers next-gen detailed visuals for your characters and battlegrounds. You can enjoy the game in solo, story, 1vs1, multiplayer, online, and offline modes. Moreover, a new ‘Heat System’ is also introduced to give more intensity to your battles.

Tekken 8 APK

What is Tekken 8 APK

In the digital world of video gaming, the Tekken series has its unique status. It has been ruling the gaming world for decades. There have been different versions of this game that have been users’ favorites for years. Now it has launched Tekken 8 Game which was initially for PC and console users. But its mobile version in APK format is now available. Similar to always, we also bring this latest game earliest for our users. Here you can get this game for free for your mobile and its iOS version is also expected to be released soon.

Features of Tekken 8 APK

You will get a next-generation visual experience, detailed graphics, a diversity of characters, and a variety of features in this game.

Latest Version with Enhanced Gaming

Every time the Tekken series releases a new version, there is something new in it that keeps users engaged. This 8th edition of the game also brings enhancement to the gaming fun. You will enjoy enhanced gameplay with more game modes, game characters, and enhanced graphics.

32 Fighters

All the missing characters from previous editions are making a comeback in Tekken 8 APK. You will get a set of 32 fighters which includes all the iconic characters. Moreover, some new faces are also launched in this latest edition of the game.

Traditional Gameplay

This version brings enhancement and advancement but core gameplay remains the same. It means you will enjoy traditional battles of 60-second rounds in an enhanced environment.

Next-generation Visuals

Due to AI innovations in every field, we are experiencing next-generation graphics & visuals in every field. Hence, Tekken Series also decided to introduce next-gen visuals & graphics in Tekken 8 APK.

Character Customization

One thing that was missing in this popular series was character customization. Players love to make customization character appearances. Hence, it included this feature in the 8th edition. You will enjoy endless character customization with different accessories and customization options.

Different Game Modes

All the traditional game modes or included in it for offline and online gameplay. You can go for practice mode. Enjoy story mode. Play with friends in 1vs1 battles. Participate in multiplayer events with your buddies.

Online Battles

For the very first time in Tekken games, Tekken 8 APK introduces online battles. You can take on distinct players in online battles. It allows single-player and team matches in online battles.

Story Mode

This latest edition also includes the traditional story mode with enhanced battles. In this story mode, you have to fight in 16 matches and win all to conquer the story mode.

Engaging Game Sounds

High-quality graphics and next-gen visuals are backed by engaging game sounds. You will get highly engaging background music and realistic game sound in Tekken 8 APK.

Optimized Game Controls

The game was designed for consoles & PC users but now its controls are optimized for touch screen devices. You will get highly optimized and easy-to-use controls for your gaming.

Heat System

A new feature is introduced in this 8th edition which was not included in previous versions. This Heat System allows players to enhance the power of their character during fights. You can use it once in each round and this feature brings different intensity and powerful moves for different characters.

Tekken 8 APK Download

It has been not released officially yet for mobile users. However, some developers have adjusted the 8th edition of the Tekken series for mobile users as an APK file. We are offering you this APK here. Download it using the download button to get this advanced and iconic 8th edition. Complete the download and open the file to install Tekken 8 APK on your Android.


Tekken 8 APK is the most advanced title of this gaming series. It brings enhanced gameplay. Enjoy epic fights with next-generation visuals, and graphics. Choose iconic characters from 32 fighters that include all the previous features and some new faces in the mix. It offers a diversity of modes for single-player and multiplayer in both online & offline battles. Download Tekken 8 APK and take your gaming to the next level with optimized graphics and boosted gaming fun.

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