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App Name Syahata A Bad Day APK
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Last Updated                         March 2, 2024

Syahata A Bad Day APK is an action-packed game with an animated environment based on 2D graphics. You have to go through epic fights against zombies with 3  different game characters. There are plenty of powerful weapons, swords, assets, and power-ups to assist you. Engaging game sound with 2D graphics & animated environment makes the game action-packed gaming thrill. Download the Syahata A Bad Day game and enjoy this zombie fight saga on your Android.

What is Syahata A Bad Day?

There are tons of games for anime lovers and action fighters. But here we are bringing the combo. This game is based on action fights and gives an animation touch with its animated gaming environment. Here you will get endless action with plenty of challenges and a variety of game levels. Each mission, map, and game level has its unique twists. You have to fight the user weapons and skills of your hero to conquer those ferocious zombies. Moreover, there are plenty of weapons, character costumes, customization options, and power-ups to upgrade your gameplay.

Features of Syahata A Bad Day

This game will keep you engaged in the gameplay with its animated environment and amazing features. Here is a detailed list of features offered by this anime saga of action fights.

Pixel Art 2D Graphics

If you love an artistic gaming environment then this gaming title fulfills your gaming dreams. Here you will get amazing visuals and scenes in a 2D artistic environment. A colorful animated environment with attractive animated characters will keep you engaged all the way.

Animated Gaming Environment

This game title is the perfect gaming partner for anime lovers. Players can enjoy the action fights against animated but ferocious zombies in their favorite animated environment. From the background environment to visuals, and zombies to game heroes, everything comes in an animated look in this game.

Stunning Music & Sounds Effects

Syahata A Bad Day has focused a lot on background music and sound effects of the game. Hence, you are going to enjoy very immersive and curious background music through your animated journey in the game. Moreover, the realistic sound of characters, zombies, and weapons, make the gameplay more entertaining and engaging.

Challenging Gameplay

If you are thinking of a simple gameplay where you will be knocking out zombies with ease then you are wrong. This game is very challenging with its bunches of mysteries and powerful zombies. You have to clear different mysteries in haunted castles, forests, and dark caves. Moreover, in these challenging environments, fights against zombies make the gameplay more challenging for you.

Plenty of Game Levels

Do you think you are going to the same game level again and again? Wait buddy, you are totally wrong as the game has plenty to offer. Its level-based gameplay includes dozens of engaging game levels. With each level, your curiosity and game difficulty will increase. This challenging gameplay with a diversity of levels makes the game a tough grind even for seasoned campaigners.

Multiple game Characters

Instead of sticking with a single game character all the time, Syahata A Bad Day offers three different characters. Spark, Lumina, and Blaze are three different game heroes that you can use here. Each of these three has its own skill set and firepower. You can choose any of the three according to the game situation and the difficulty of the game level.

Character Costumes and Customization

There is not just diversity in game characters here. You can also try a diversity of costumes for your multiple-game heroes. There are plenty of costumes waiting for your game heroes to give them a different look and color. In addition to costumes, you can also try various customization for those characters.

Weapons & Powerups

Syahata A Bad Day also offers a wide range and a huge amount of weapons and powerups. From hand grenades to pistols, and guns to swords, everything is in your weapon armor. You can pick any power from this diverse range of arsenal. Moreover, there are also powerups on the way as you can collect coins, health, and life keys on the way.

In-game Coin System

This is your treasure trove in the game to buy weapons, and costumes, and unlock different game assets. There are plenty of in-game coins on the way to collect. You can gather coins and use them to unlock weapons or furnish your game characters.

Mysteries to Solve

You will also enjoy a mysterious touch in the gameplay as there are plenty of mysteries in the game. From horrifying forests to haunted castles, and deep darks to frightening caves, every mystery will test your gaming skills.

Download & Installation

If you are willing to try this animated game with action-packed fights in a mysterious environment, then you can download the Syahata A Bad Day APK file from this page. This game is free to play and our game file offered here is completely secure. So download the game, make setting customization required, and complete the installation of the game. Once, you have the game on your Android, you can launch this mysterious animated world on your mobile without requiring any account setup for the game.


Syahata A Bad Day will bring a bad in the gameplay as you gonna face endless challenges. In this animated world of ferocious zombies, you have to solve different mysteries. Epic fights against zombies with powerful weapons in challenging gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat. Moreover, there are plenty of game levels, a variety of characters, animated 2D graphics, and engaging sound effects to keep you thrilled all the way.


 Is Syahata A Bad Day free to play?

This game does not include even a single premium purchase and is 100% free to play.

Can I play Syahata A Bad Day on iOS?

No, the Apk file given here is only for Android, and the iOS version of the game has not been released yet.

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