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App Name Subway Surfers Zurich APK
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Size 174 MB
Latest Version v3.29.0
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         May 17, 2024

Subway Surfers Zurich is a game update released for PC users that is loved & praised a lot by players. This game version brings exciting power-ups, new tracks, more controlled gameplay, and gifts. Due to the rapid popularity of this update, developers also released it for mobile users. Hence, we are offering you Subway Surfers Zurich APK for your Android mobile. You can download it here for free to enjoy more controlled surfing in an enhanced environment & gameplay. It brings the latest skateboards, more powerful characters, enhanced graphics, and optimized controls.

Subway Surfers Zurich

How to Play Subway Surfers Zurich

Gameplay of this update for PC and mobile users is similar to the traditional version of the game. You can control the player’s movements, jumping, and other actions via touch controls as you love to do. In PC, arrow keys are used for left & right movements and jumping & sliding. Moreover, you can also use a mouse for the movements of the player on some high-quality PCs. Touch-supported PC offers a similar experience of touch controls as you enjoy on mobile.

Features of Subway Surfers Zurich APK

This gaming update brings all the core features and many enhanced features to the gameplay. Here is what you can expect from this Zurich update.

Enhanced Graphics

Compared to a previous game version which is officially available on the Play Store, here you will get enhanced graphics. This betterment in graphics is the core cause of developing this version. You will get an optimized experience for surfing with more engaging visuals.

All Characters Included

In this updated version, you will get all the possibly developed characters of the game. It includes all the popular, old, and new characters of the games. Moreover, all the outfits, assets, and accessories for these characters are also available in this game

New Gifts

Subway Surfers Zurich brings new gifts for players that are not offered in an official game. These gifts include enhanced coin bags, amazing power-ups, and much more. You can use these gifts instantly in the game to boost your experience.

Engaging Game Tracks

Metro tracks of Subway are globally popular in the gaming world. But now this update makes them more realistic and engaging. Moreover, the amount of tracks is also increased in this update. Hence, you can enjoy the game on more diverse locations and tracks.

Latest Skateboards

Subway Surfers Zurich APK brings tons of the latest skateboards. These skateboards are not available in the asset store of the official game version. But here you can get them for free. Moreover, this latest collection of skateboards has more swift and powerful skateboards.

Optimized Controls

This update was for PC users but later released for mobile devices. Hence, you will get optimized gaming controls according to your device. Moreover, the game controls auto-adjust according to the touch sensitivity of different device screens.

New Powerups

You can enjoy your dream powerups for your surfing joy in this game. It unlocks the magic for you with its latest collection of powerups. You can get new in-game power-ups like magnets, jumping shoes, and many others.

Ad-free Gaming

Contrary to the official game version ads are removed in this Zurich update. You can enjoy the traditional gameplay without ads on the metro tracks of Zurich.

Subway Surfers Zurich APK Download

Downloading this gaming version is a bit trick for mobile users due to its unavailability on the official platform. But we have made it easier for Android users to get this Zurich update from this page. Here are the steps that will help you to get started with this Zurich version.

  • Tap on the Download button and go to the Download page to find the APK file button.
  • Get it from the download page using the button given there and get your device ready for installation.
  • Go to Device Setting to find the ‘Unknown Source’ in the ‘Security’ section and permit this permission.
  • Open the APK file of this Zurich version and install it.


Subway Surfers Zurich is an advanced game version of Subway Surfers that introduced Zurich city and its metro tracks in the game. You will get more powerful, swift, and smart game characters here. It also enhances the game experience with visual, and graphic boost. Moreover, the latest skateboards and powerups are also included in it. The best part is its optimized control and ad-free gaming experience. This will take your gaming to a new level and allow you to enjoy the fun with cross-platform compatibility.

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