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Smash Hit APK APK

Smash Hit APK APK

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App Name Smash Hit APK APK
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Size 78 MB
Latest Version v1.5.6
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Last Updated                         February 21, 2024

Smash Hit APK is an Android gaming title with tons of entertainment and gaming thrill. In this game, you will get a certain amount of metallic balls. As the game starts you will start moving in a forward direction automatically. On the way, there will come plenty of barriers and hurdles. You have to use your metallic balls wisely and break all those barriers to reach the final destination. There are plenty of game levels and special boss levels that will bring increasing challenges for you. Moreover, immersive background music and the sound of glass breaking make gameplay more engaging.

What is the Storyline of Smash Hit APK?

This game comes with a very simple but very engaging storyline. In the gameplay, the player enters a game level with a bunch of metallic balls to use. The level starts with your automatic forward movement and plenty of barriers & hurdles on the way. There is a final goal post that you have to reach to win the level. So use your metallic balls to break barriers and reach the winning spot.

Features of Smash Hit APK

This game offers endless smashing fun with its supreme collection of features. Let’s drill into the gaming potential of this title.

3D Graphics

The graphic quality of this glass-smashing game is awesome. You will get a 3D ball to smash glass obstacles in a stunning 3D environment. All the visuals are in HD quality with a vibrant color range to make the game visually appealing.

Immersive Background Music

As your smashing journey starts in the game, you will backed by curious background music. The changing vibes of background music keep you alert for upcoming obstacles. Moreover, there is a special background music for different boss levels.

Engaging Sound Effects

Smash Hit APK also brings in realistic sound effects. When you smash any glass window or other obstacle, it creates a realistic sound of glass breaking. These sound effects make your smashing journey and gameplay more immersive.

Plenty of Game Levels

You won’t be trying the game again and again at the same game level. There are plenty of game levels, that have different numbers of balls and obstacle setups. Each upcoming level comes with increased difficulty, fewer balls, and more obstacles. Moreover, obstacles come more frequently and at a rapid pace with every passing level in the game.

Special Boss Levels

In addition to normal levels, there are special boss levels. These boss levels are tough to pass and have different obstacle setups with more tough-to-break obstacles. Moreover, the boss levels also have different background music and sound effects compared to normal game levels.

Training Mode

If you are trying the game for the first time then you must train yourself in offline training mode. This training mode will help you to master the game controls of Smash Hit APK. Moreover, you will be also used to the gameplay. Training mode also allows you to set difficulty levels to sharpen your skills & controls with perfection.

Achievements & Rewards

When you pass any level, this game awards special in-game assets and money. You can use it to customize your gameplay and also buy in-game balls for your gameplay.


This game is played by players all over the world that enjoy this smashing fun. Hence, there is an integrated leaderboard to show the brilliance of players around the world. You can win games and master the game to rank in top positions in this leaderboard.

Smash Hit Game Download

If you are willing to download this game and try the smashing experience on your Android then you can get here for free. Use the dedicated “Download” button given above and grab the APK file of the Smash Hit game. After getting the game file, you have to permit “Unknown Source” permission from “Settings>>Security”. Because this permission is mandatory for this installation you have to allow it before installation. After allowing permissions, you can easily install this smashing game on your Android using the “Install” button given in the file.


Smash Hit APK is a glass window and obstacle-smashing saga for Android users. You can enjoy the game in online & offline mode to suit your preferences. Moreover, there are plenty of game levels including many boss levels. These levels come with increasing challenges, a variety of obstacle setups, and engaging background music. Graphics of this game are in 3D quality and realistic sound effects with engaging background music keep players immersed all the way.


Is Smash Hit game on iOS?

Yes, you can enjoy this smashing saga on both Android and iOS devices. Android users can get the game from this page while iOS users have to install it from the official app store of Apple devices.

Can I play Smash Hit APK offline?

Yes, this game does include offline training mode where you can smash obstacles for fun and master the controls of the game.

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