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App Name Ryumoto Patcher APK
Genre ,
Size 19.6MB
Latest Version V1.86
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         March 19, 2024

Ryumoto Patcher is the best mod patcher for Mobile Legends Bang. It will bring all the popular skin packs of the game without spending a penny. You can try a huge diversity of skins for Assassins, Tanks, and fighters. Its Assassin skin pack includes all assassin skins from Fanny to Mathilda. For tanks, it also offers a diverse list of skins from Franco to Uranus. It will also unlock fighter skin packs from Alucard to Sun. In addition to skin packs, it also offers special features like Drone view and others. Moreover, it also brings background and theme customization power to your gameplay.

What is Ryumoto Patcher APK?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a global brand with thrilling gameplay and a huge amount of premium content. From skins to weapons, there are plenty of assets that are premium in the game. Not all players can afford the premium purchases for their gameplay. Hence, the majority of them go for patching tools and panels for the game. Here Ryumoto Patcher emerges as the best tool for this game. It unlocks all the premium skins for fighters, Assassins, and tanks. You can also unlock drone view, and customization galore with the tool. It is free to use and comes with reasonable safety measures for gamers.

Features of Ryumoto Patcher

This ML patcher brings a huge gaming boost to the gameplay with its features. Let’s enlist and discuss the gaming boost you can enjoy in your MLBB gameplay with the app.

All Assassin Skins

All the MLBB players are well aware of the importance of skins in the game. Especially skins for Assassins boost their power in the game. Hence, this tool will patch the game to unlock all assassin skins free. Here is the list of skins packs you can unlock for Assassins.

  • Lesly: 5 skins
  • Selena: 5 skins
  • Fanny: 4 skins
  • Lancelot: 4 skins
  • Saber: 3 skins
  • Hayabusa: 3 skins
  • Mathlida: 2 skins

Tank Skins Unlocked

There is a great diversity of tanks and tank skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Ryumoto Patcher will unlock plenty of tank skins free for you. You can go with any from the long list given below.

  • Tgreal: This pack has 5 tank skins.
  • Minotaur: Pack of 5 skins for your tanks.
  • Esmeralda: 4 skins.
  • Hylos: 4 skins
  • Ruby: 4 skins
  • Grock: 4 skins
  • Khufra: 4 skins
  • Akai: 4 skins
  • Franco: 4 skins
  • Johnson: 4 skins
  • Baxia: 3 skins
  • Alice, Uranus, and, Belerick: 3 skins in each pack.

Free Skins for Fighters

Ryumoto Patcher APK also has plenty to offer in its fighter skin packs. Fighter skin packs are compulsory for players. These skins boost the fighting performance of your game here in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Here is the list of fighter skin packs that you can enjoy free using this patching tool.

  • Guinevere, Chou, and Freya: Each of these 3 packs has more than 5 skins.
  • Zilong & Aldous: 5 skins each.
  • Badang, Martis, Bane, and Sun: 4 skins in each pack.
  • Yu Zhong, Jawhead, X.Borg, and Alucard: 3 skins in each skin pack.
  • Silvana, Khaleed, and Barats: 2 skins in each pack.

Drone View

Where Skin packs are the core of this tool, it also offers some special features. Drone view is among the top in this list. You can watch on the map upto 1000 ft with the aerial look using this drone view. It will boost your gameplay by keeping you aware of activity on the battlefield.

Customization Galore

Ryumoto Patcher unleashes customization galore for players. They can rejig the interface, background, theme, and intro of the game. This diverse range of customization helps players to meet their personalization preferences in the game.


Where the majority of patchers and panels threaten your account, this tool is contrary to them. It offers complete account protection for your MLBB account with its anti-ban technology.


This patcher will make your game and UI of this app clean from ads. You can enjoy ad-free gaming for premium experience of Mobile legends Bang Bang.

Easy to Use

If you have tried many patchers and panel for this game and found them tough to use, then this one gonna stun you. You can easily navigate within this app and patch your game to integrate skins and features with ease.

Ryumoto Patcher APK Download

Using any patcher for any game is always risky for game account. Though this one claims for anti-ban but still we  do not guarantee this. Download the APK file from here as we have scanned the file for bugs, virus and glitches. But using it on your own risk. Tap the download button to get latest APK file and install it using installation button given it. Launch the app, patch your game and enjoy gameplay with all skins & features unlocked.


Ryumoto Patcher APK is the best ML patcher that unlocks all skin packs. You can unlock all assassin skins including Lesly, Fanny, Mathlida, Saber, and others. There are also Tank skins and dozens of fighter skins. In addition to skins, it will bring in other accessories and features. You can unlock drone view and watch the full map with aerial look. It also gives you complete customization power with its customization galore features. With this feature you can customize game theme, game intro, and background of the game.


Can Ryumoto Patcher APK unlock skins?

Yes, this patching tool will unlock all the skins including tank skins,  assassin skins, and fighter skins.

Is Ryumoto Patcher safe?

Where it integrates skins and features to gameplay, there are potential risks to your game account with this patching tool.

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