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App Name Prequel APK
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Size 173 MB
Latest Version v1.77.0
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Last Updated                         June 30, 2024

Prequel Mod APK is a fun and 100% easy app. It turns your photos and videos into a beautiful masterpiece. With many filters, effects, and tools, this APK lets you make unique and beautiful content. You can enjoy your important function and can save memory in the form of pics and videos. It is really a fun and entertaining App.

Prequel Mod APK

Features of Prequel Mod APK

Cool Filters and Effects

This Enhanced App has over 500 filters and effects. You can find the best look for your style and mood. Some popular filters are VHS, Dust, Kidcore, and Indie Kid.

Vintage Style

Vintage filters of this APK make your photos and videos look old and classic. The VHS filter makes them look like old video tapes with static and color changes. The Dust filter adds a gritty, textured look to give your images a worn, vintage feel.

Trendy Looks

This Amazing Mod has cool filters and effects for you. The Kidcore filter makes your pictures bright and fun. It adds many colors and cute things. The Indie Kid filter gives your photos a cool, old-school look with soft colors.

Easy Changes

Prequel Mod APK lets you change your photos in many ways. You can make each filter just right for you. Change how strong the filter is. Change the brightness, colors, and more.

Easy Video Editing

This App is great for editing videos. It has easy-to-use tools. You can make your videos look amazing with just a few clicks.

Importing and Editing Videos

You can import content from your device or social media. Once your video is loaded, you can use its filters, effects, and tools to edit it.

Retro Video Effects

This Special APK has retro video effects. These make your videos look like they were filmed in the 20s, 60s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. This gives your videos a cool, old-fashioned look.

Additional Features of Prequel Mod APK

This Stunning APK has even more tools. With this App, you can edit as much as you want. You get all the filters and effects. You also get advanced tools to make your videos even better

Flexible Subscription Plans

This Latest App has different plans for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you use it a little or a lot, there’s a plan for you. There are special offers and discounts during holidays to help you save money.

Unleash Your Creativity

With this Exciting APK, you can do so much. Try different filters and effects. Make your photos and videos look special. Show your ideas to the world.

Creating Your Own Aesthetic World

Prequel Mod APK is not just an app; it’s a place to show your creativity. Use filters and effects to make your own style. Make your content stand out.

Expressing Your Personality

Your photos and videos show who you are. With this Super App, you can show your unique style. Whether you like bright colors or dark, moody looks, it has the tools to help you.

Inspiring Others

When you share your edited photos or videos on social media, you can inspire your friends. Your edits can make them want to try new filters and effects too.

Holiday Fun with Prequel Mod APK

Prequel Mod APK also has special filters for holidays. You can use them for different functions. They help you make fun holiday pictures.

Party Fun

You can get ready for party fun with its filters and effects. Make your photos look like a snowy wonderland with the Snowflake filter. Use the Fireplace effect to make your photos feel warm and cozy. Turn your pictures into old-style party cards with the Retro Party filter.

Festival Fun

Filters of this APK and effects are great for making your photos spooky. The Haunted House filter gives your photos a scary glow. The Zombie effect makes your selfies look like zombies. Have fun with the Pumpkin filter and carve your own pumpkin designs.

Anniversary Joy

You can celebrate the Anniversary with the filters and effects of this App. The Pastel Anniversary filter makes your photos soft and dreamy. The Bunny effect turns your friends and family into cute bunnies. Use the Egg Decorator tool to make your own Anniversary egg designs.


Prequel Mod APK is a great app for a best photoshoot. It can make your photos and videos look attractive. It has many filters and effects. You can use it for the best photography. Everyone can enjoy using it, from beginners to experts. Download this app from our website today and start having fun with your photos and videos!

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