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Nuts Sort APK

Nuts Sort APK

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App Name Nuts Sort APK
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Size 86.9 MB
Latest Version v1.0.11
MOD Info No Ads
Last Updated                         June 23, 2024

Nuts Sort Mod APK is an exciting puzzle game. You sort nuts and bolts by color. This game helps you relax. It has many levels. You need to sort the nuts into the right tubes. It is easy to play and you can play at your own pace. The game has no ads, so you can play without interruptions. The interface is simple and easy to understand. You can get the game from our website. Turn on “Unknown Sources” on your device. Next, download and install the game. Now, you can start playing to sort nuts and bolts and have enjoyment. I give you surety, you always feel that it is a big entertaining Platform for relaxation.

Nuts Sort Mod APK

Features of Nuts Sort Mod APK

Easy Gameplay

This Enhanced APK is a fun gaming app. You sort nuts and bolts by color. The game is easy for all ages. As you play, the levels get harder. It is helpful to keep the app attractive and charming.

No Ads

This game has no ads. In the official game, ads can disturb you. In this version, there are no ads. You can play without any breaks.

Calm Atmosphere

The game has a calm design and nice sounds. Soft colors and gentle music help you relax. The sounds of sorting nuts and bolts also make the game soothing.

Many Levels

The game has many levels with new challenges. When you play, you will see new shapes and challenges. In this way, this game becomes an extra fun and exciting platform. Each level is different. Some are easy, and some are hard. This keeps the game exciting. You will not get bored. New challenges come with each new level.

Beautiful Graphics

The game has nice visuals. The nuts, bolts, and backgrounds look good. The soft colors make the game pleasant to the eyes.

How to Play Nuts Sort Mod APK

  • Tap a Bolt: First, pick up a nut by tapping a bolt.
  • Move the Nut: Then, tap another bolt to move the nut.
  • Color Match: Now,  put nuts of the same color together.
  • Complete Level: Then, put all nuts of the same color on one bolt.
  • Undo and Hint: Now, you can use “undo” to go back a step and “hint” for help.
  • Extra Bolt: If stuck, add an extra bolt.
  • Restart: You can restart the level anytime.

Additional Features of Nuts Sort Mod APK

One Finger Control

You can play Nuts Sort Mod APK with just one finger. Tap to pick up a nut and tap again to move it. It is simple and fun. You don’t need to use many buttons. This makes the game easy for everyone.

Free and Easy

The Pleasing Game is 100%  free to download and play. There are no hidden costs. There are no ads. You can play without any interruptions.

Brain Training

Playing this game helps your brain. You need to think to match the nuts. This makes your brain stronger. It is like exercise for your mind. The more you play, the better you get at solving puzzles.

No Penalty

There is no time limit in the game. You can relax to solve each level. If you make a mistake, it is okay. You can try again without any penalty. This makes the game stress-free and fun.

Family Friendly

This game is good for all ages. Kids, parents, and even grandparents can play. Playing games together is fun. You can work with each other to solve puzzles. This game is amazing for family fun.

Nuts Sort Mod APK is a 100% simple and fun puzzle game. It is free, has many levels, and helps your brain. You can play at your own pace without any stress. It is an amazing game for the whole family.


Nuts Sort Mod APK is a stunning puzzle game. It helps you relax and have fun. The game has no ads, a calm atmosphere, and many levels. Beautiful graphics and nice sounds make it even better. It is 100% free to play and simple to comprehend. Download this Stunning Mod APK to enjoy hours of fun and relaxation. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a casual player, this game will keep you entertained.

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