New IMOBA 2023

New IMoba 2023 APK

New IMoba 2023 APK

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App Name New IMoba 2023 APK
Genre ,
Size 7.9 MB
Latest Version v1.3.18
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         July 14, 2024

New IMoba 2023 is a tool for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It helps players unlock special features. These features include effects, skins, emotes, backgrounds, maps, drones, and an aimbot menu. All of these are free. The app is safe and keeps users’ accounts secure. The app has many features. Players can also see health bars, room info, and mini-map icons.

The ESP menu shows bot detection, lines, boxes, names, health, distance, and cooldowns. The aimbot menu has more features. It targets the lowest HP, range FOV, auto-aim lock, target priority, and closest distance. The camera menu helps players zoom in and out and control drone movements. There is also an FPS mode menu and a settings menu. Players can change color, line/box size, text size, and line color. It is 100%  safe to use this app. This app is great for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. It helps them improve their gameplay.

Features of New IMoba 2023

This Enhanced APK helps you enjoy Mobile Legends: Bang Bang more. It has many cool features for both casual and hardcore players. Here are the key features:

Anti-Ban Protection

It keeps your account safe. This means you can enjoy all the benefits without any risk.

Lobby Menu

The lobby menu is beneficial. It lets you unlock all skins for your heroes. You can make your heroes look special and unique. The lobby menu also shows important information like health bars, room details, and mini-map icons. This helps you make smart choices in the game.

Shortcut ESP Menu

The Shortcut ESP menu is a great feature of New IMoba 2023. It has many tools to help you win. It can find bots, show lines, boxes, names, health, distance, and cooldowns. You can see and follow your enemies.

Aimbot Menu

The aimbot menu in this Special APK helps you aim better. It can find the enemy with the lowest health, set the range of your aim, lock onto targets, choose which target to hit first and aim at the closest enemy. Whether you fight from far away or up close, the aimbot menu helps you win.

Camera Menu

The camera menu is handy. You can change how much you see from 1x to 5x zoom. This helps you see the battlefield better. You can also move the camera to look around and watch where your enemies go.

FPS Mode Menu

The FPS (Frames Per Second) mode menu is great for better game performance. You can change the FPS settings to make the game run smoothly on your device, even during big fights.

Settings Menu

The settings menu lets you change many things in the app. You can adjust text size, text color, line color, and box size. This makes the app easier to use and more to your liking.

How to Use New IMoba 2023

It is very simple to use this App. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the app: Get it on your Android phone.
  • Install: Follow the installation instructions.
  • Open and choose features: After installation, choose what you want to open.
  • Inject items: Inject the items into your game.

The injecting process is simple. You can access game premium features for free without risking losing your data or damaging your account.

Benefits of Using New IMoba 2023

This App offers players several advantages in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

  • Improved gameplay: Features like aimbot and ESP menu can help players play better and gain an advantage.
  • Customization: Customize your game experience with many options.
  • Safe and secure: The app ensures your account stays safe, with no risk of getting banned.

Additional Features of New IMoba 2023


Emotes are fun actions you can use in the game. They show how you feel. Use a happy emote when you win or a sad emote when you lose. There are many emotes to choose from. They help you talk with other players and make the game more fun.


It allows you to change the game’s background. This means you can play in different places. Switch backgrounds to make the game look new. Changing backgrounds helps you feel like you are in the game world.


With this Advanced APK, you can play on new maps. Each map is different and offers new challenges and adventures. Exploring these maps can help you get better at the game and find new strategies.

Effects and Skins

New IMoba 2023 lets you change how your character looks. You can pick from many skins and effects. Some skins make your character look like a hero. Others make them look cool or funny. Changing skins and effects makes the game more fun.


This app lets you use drones during gameplay. Drones help you see more of the game area, giving you a clearer view of the battlefield. They help you find enemies and plan your moves, giving you an edge over other players.


The New IMoba 2023 app is a strong tool for MLBB players. It helps unlock many features and gives players an edge in the game. The app is simple to use and has lots of customization options. If you love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, try this Top Rated App to enjoy the game’s best features.

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