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New BoxSkin 2024 APK

New BoxSkin 2024 APK

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App Name New BoxSkin 2024 APK
Genre ,
Size 13.1 MB
Latest Version v17.8
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         May 2, 2024

If you want to unlock ML skins for free then the New BoxSkin 2024 APK can help. It is a tool for one of the greatest MOBA games the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. You can get a complete set of all skin packs. In addition to skins, it also unlocks legendary characters and gives you customization power. You can also get free emotes, drone views, and all combat effects. Moreover, it also allows you to enjoy the game with customized maps as it unlocks all ML maps and also gives you the power to customize those maps.

New BoxSkin 2024

What is the New BoxSkin 2024 APK

MLBB is the leading name when it comes to eSports MOBA games. It includes many maps, characters, skins, effects, menus, and features. But for the players’ curse, all these features are locked by the officials. You have to unlock them with real money, in-game diamonds, or third-party injector tools. The last option is the quickest of all and costs zero money & diamonds. Here we have New BoxSkin 2024 APK which is the best among all injectors for this game. It will give you all skins, and a complete set of game features for free.

Features of New BoxSkin 2024 APK

This tool brings in an endless amount of skins in its box and offers all features unlocked. Here is what advancement you will experience in your game with this tool.

All Skins Unlocked

As the tool name indicates, this injector gonna unlock a complete set of skins. You can get free skins for characters, weapons, mages, tanks, and others. These skins will enhance your power, performance, and game style on the MLBB battleground.

ML Combat Effects

Combat effects are very compulsory and tons of effects are available in the game. Most users use in-game money to unlock effects. But this tool gonna do the trick free for you. You can claim and use all sorts of combat battle effects for free.

All Maps

The new BoxSkin 2024 APK also unlocks a complete map set. You can use any of the game maps for your team mode and single-player combat battles. This will give you a free chance to experience the legendary gameplay on different locations on different maps.

Characters Unlocked

MLBB players love to try various characters for intense battles. Hence, this tool unlocks characters for you. You can pick desired characters to enjoy epic battles with your preferred characters.

Customization Power

There is zero customization allowed in the official game. But now you can show your creativity and style with the customization power offered by this MLBB injector. Customize maps, lobby, logo, sound, and visual landscapes of the game.

Zero Lags

The New BoxSkin 2024 APK also works on lag issues. Due to heavy game graphics most mobile users face lag issues. Hence, this tool removes lags by making adjustments in the graphics. It makes sure that lags are completely removed so that you enjoy the game fluently.

Easy Integration of Features

Most MLBB tools and other game injectors are highly complicated to use. But not the case with this one all thanks to its easy feature integrations.

New BoxSkin 2024 APK Download

You can boost your gameplay with legendary characters, all maps, ML effects, and features. Use this tool by downloading from here. It is very easy and 100% free to set up this ML injector. Just allow your device security menu from settings to install ‘Unknown Source’ apps. Once it is done, you can easily use the download button given above to get this MLBB injector and install it using the install button given in its APK file.


The New BoxSkin 2024 APK is the best friend of Mobile Legends lovers. It makes feature integrations to unlock game features for free. You can unlock skin packs, map sets, emotes magic tricks, and a game customizer with it. Boost your performance with various characters, tons of skins, and advanced customization options. It will make sure that you face no lags and enjoy the game with premiums unlocked.

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