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NA5 Whatsapp APK

NA5 Whatsapp APK

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App Name NA5 Whatsapp APK
Genre , ,
Size 79.5 MB
Latest Version v13.25
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         May 26, 2024

Nassar Al-Jaidi created the NA5 WhatsApp APK. It is a special version of WhatsApp with extra features and ways to make it your own. This version has a different yellow look and more than 60 cool fonts to choose from. You can make your messages look just the way you want. It can automatically reply to messages for you and schedule messages to be sent later. and share really nice-looking photos and videos.

NA5 Whatsapp APK

APK also keeps your privacy safe by hiding different signs that show you are online. It even lets you get back messages you accidentally deleted and share long videos as your status. Plus, there is a button that floats around on your screen for easy access to your chats with some extra tricks. This Unique WhatsApp is easy to use and keeps your chats safe with a password lock. It also hides chats you want to keep private. This Altered WhatsApp makes WhatsApp better with lots of fun features and ways to make it right for you.

Exciting Features of NA5 WhatsApp APK

Designs and Letter Styles

One of the best parts of NA5 WhatsApp is its many designs and letter styles. When you first open it up, it is bright yellow, but you can easily switch it to another color you like in the settings. This WhatsApp has over 60 special letter styles, like Simple, Fancy, and Writing styles. So, you can make your messages unique.

Keeping Your Secrets Safe

This Secure WhatsApp really cares about keeping your secrets safe. It has special things to help like hiding when you were last on, the blue checks that show your message was read. It also shows when someone is typing. You can even make it so no one knows when you were last on, and stop people from passing on your messages. If you want, you can put in a password. In this way, only you can read your WhatsApp chats.

Enhanced Messaging

With this mod, messaging becomes even better. You can set your messages to reply automatically and schedule messages for later. You also send messages ahead of time, up to 5 days in advance. And you can bring back messages you’ve deleted and view messages others have deleted. Additionally, you can share longer video updates, up to 5 minutes long.

Improved Media Sharing

NA5 WhatsApp makes sharing media easier. You can send high-quality images, share videos up to 30 minutes long, and send larger files. The app also lets you download call recordings. You can share longer text updates, up to 300 characters.

Floating Chat Button

This Tweak WhatsApp has a special Floating Chat Button. It is different from other mods. This button does cool things like changing voices for audio messages. It also adds emoticons, fancy text, message bomber, quick reply, and more.

Automated Reply Function in NA5 WhatsApp APK

When you’re busy or not available to answer messages on WhatsApp, an automated reply comes to the rescue! It is like having a helper that sends messages for you. This tool is really useful for businesses and regular people. With auto-reply, you can tell people you got their message and when you’ll answer. It is great for customer service too!l. You can answer common questions without even lifting a finger. Plus, it keeps things consistent and makes sure everyone knows when you’re around. You can even personalize your auto-reply and choose who gets it. So, whether you’re a business or just a busy bee, auto-replying on WhatsApp makes chat easier. It also makes communication friendlier for everyone.

Set Up of Auto Reply

To set up an auto-reply message for a certain time on NA5 WhatsApp APK, follow these steps:

  • Open NA5 WhatsApp: Open this Modified APK app on your device.
  • Access Settings: Tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  • Go to Business Settings: Find Business Settings in the menu.
  • Set Up Away Message: Tap Away Message and turn the toggle switch to ON.
  • Write Your Message: Customize your away message by tapping the message box.
  • Choose Timing: Click Schedule to pick the specific time period. Options may include Always Send, Custom Schedule, or Outside of Business hours.
  • Select Recipients: Decide who gets the auto-reply, like Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except, or Only selected contacts.
  • Save Changes: Make sure to save your settings.

By following these steps, you can easily set up an auto-reply message for a specific time. It ensures timely responses to messages.


NA5 WhatsApp APK is a great option instead of the official WhatsApp. It offers lots of cool features and ways to change things. This special version has a bright yellow look, more than 60 special fonts, and advanced messaging tools. These tools are auto-reply, message scheduling, and extra privacy settings. People can have a smooth and personalized way to chat, without the limits of regular WhatsApp. The newest version of NA5 WhatsApp fixes past problems, making chatting better. This APK is a good pick for people who want more features, safety, and ways to change things in their messaging app. It is a popular and easy-to-use choice instead of the usual messaging apps.

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