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Monument Valley APK APK

Monument Valley APK APK

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App Name Monument Valley APK APK
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Size 269 MB
Latest Version v3.4.109
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Last Updated                         February 21, 2024

Get ready to set off for a puzzle journey in the 3D world of Monument Valley. Try your puzzle-solving skills in this open world and lead the forgotten queen to home. In the gameplay, you will find a queen that has forgotten her way home. Now your task is to take him home but there are plenty of challenges, obstacles, and puzzles on the way. You have to overcome those obstacles & puzzles using your IQ and gaming skills. There are plenty of levels in the game to enhance the curiosity of players with increasing difficulty.

What is Monument Valley APK?

Puzzle games have great dominance in the gaming world. There are thousands of puzzle games for Android and different mobile users. Among these puzzle games, the Monument Valley gaming series is very popular. Here we are offering you the first edition of the game that offers traditional gameplay based on thrilling puzzles. In an open world decorated with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay will give you endless hours of joy.

Features of Monument Valley APK

This game will give you a relentless puzzle journey. Get ready to boost your puzzle-solving technique and enhance your gaming IQ with this puzzle valley. It offers an open world with a diverse range of features and levels. Let’s explore this mysterious world.

Beautiful Open World

The game developers have focused on high-quality visuals to present a beautiful open world. This open world is filled with beautiful scenes and amazing architectural masterpieces. In this decorated and crafted world, plenty of challenges are waiting for you. So explore the world and lead the queen to her destination in this diverse world.

Stunning Visuals

There are great visuals in this game that are highly appealing. Almost every visual frame can be used as mobile wallpaper as every visual and scene is so satisfying. You will get immersed once, you enter this mysterious world with stunning visuals.

3D Graphics

Though it’s a puzzle game believe me you won’t get better graphic quality in any other puzzle game. 3D graphic quality makes this game the best puzzle valley among thousands of other puzzle games. All the colorful visuals and crafted buildings are in 3D quality.

Immersive Sound Effects

To keep you immersed in this mysterious world Monument Valley APK offers immersive sounds. Its background music is something very relaxing. Moreover, realistic sound effects of climbing, walking, breaking objects, and falling foes make the gameplay satisfying.

Intuitive Game Controls

Similar to most of the puzzle games, this game also comes with intuitive game controls. The touch control panel with simple navigations makes the gameplay easy and you can easily master the game controls. Moreover, there are guidelines for game controls to kick-start your puzzle journey.

Variety of Game Levels

In this mysterious world of puzzles, you will get endless gameplay with tons of levels. There are hundreds of game levels in this puzzle valley. Each level brings new charms, exciting visuals, and enhanced challenges. So you have to be on your toes to master this monumental world.

Endless Puzzles

Monument Valley APK is all about puzzles. In every round and level, you will face a puzzle at every step. Sometimes you have to climb, sometimes you have to come downstairs, and sometimes there are tricky patches to cross. So enter the game and enjoy endless puzzles without any stopping.

No Ads

This game offers a clean and simple UI without any ad issues. You will enjoy a seamless navigation and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Offline Gameplay

There is no need for the internet to enjoy this mysterious world of endless puzzles. This game offers the core gameplay offline as you can play levels and rounds without an internet connection.

Monument Valley APK Download

Are you willing to enjoy the epic experience of a mysterious world and endless puzzles? Then this puzzle valley of monumental world is only for you. It will offer you endless gaming joy with hundreds of levels and tons of puzzles. To download the game, you have to make sure that the “Unknown Source” toggle is on in the main Settings menu of the device. Once it is on, you are on to download the APK file from this page. Get the APK file of this puzzle game and install it using the Install button given in it and launch this monumental world of mysterious puzzles on your Android.


Monument Valley APK is the best puzzle game with a mysterious world of endless puzzles. It offers stunning visuals and immersive sound effects to make this mysterious experience satisfying. You can take on 100s of game levels to solve puzzles and lead the queen to destination in each level. Download Monument Valley 2 now and enter the unique open world with endless mysteries and puzzles.


Can I play Monument Valley APK offline?

Yes, the core gameplay of this mysterious puzzle game is available offline. You can enjoy hundreds of levels with endless puzzles without requiring the internet.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Monument Valley?

No, this game does not offer any online multiplayer mode as you have to solve all the puzzles all alone.

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