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App Name MelanCholianna APK
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Latest Version v2.0
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Last Updated                         June 25, 2024

MelanCholianna APK is an exciting adventure game. It takes you on a journey through an old, empty tower. The game is made by Zigzagz Pro. It mixes fun and puzzles. This game keeps you excited from start to finish.


Gameplay and Story in MelanCholianna APK

You play as Lianna, a princess. Bad creatures took her and put her in the tower. Lianna needs to escape. She avoids traps and fights strange creatures. The game is about her journey and the challenges she faces.

Playing the Game

In the game, you control Lianna. She moves through different places in the tower. Each place has traps and obstacles. You must help her get past these challenges. The game has many levels. Each level has a checkpoint. When you reach a checkpoint, you save your progress. This helps you not start over if you lose.

The Story of Lianna

Lianna is a brave princess. She was taken by bad creatures. These creatures locked her in a tower. She must find a way to escape. On her journey, she finds many traps and strange creatures. She must be smart and brave to get out.

Features of MelanCholianna APK

Exploring the Tower

In the game, you explore many places in the tower. Each place is different. You find clues and solve puzzles. You talk to objects and characters. These clues and puzzles help you learn more about Lianna’s story.

Different Places in the Tower

The tower has many different places. Each place looks unique. Some places look like old buildings. Others look like dark dungeons. Each place has its own challenges. You must be careful and smart to get past them.

Finding Clues and Solving Puzzles

While exploring, you find clues. These clues help you solve puzzles. Solving puzzles helps you move forward in the game. You talk to different objects and characters. They give you hints and clues. This helps you learn more about the story and how to escape.

Overcoming Traps and Secrets

The game has many traps and secrets. You must find clues to avoid traps. It also has hidden secrets. These secrets help you learn more about the story.

Avoiding Traps

There are many traps in MelanCholianna APK. These traps are dangerous. You must be careful to avoid them. Finding clues helps you know where the traps are. This helps you avoid them.

Discovering Secrets

There are many secrets in the game. These secrets help you learn more about the story. Some secrets are hidden in objects. Others are hidden in characters. Finding these secrets helps you move forward in the game.

Artistic Graphics in MelanCholianna APK

The game has unique graphics. They look simple but special. The game has both hand-drawn and 3D graphics. The places in the game look detailed and unique. They look like old buildings.

Graphics and Design

The graphics in the game are special. They are both hand-drawn and 3D. This makes the game look unique. Each place in the game looks detailed. The design of the places looks like old buildings. This makes the game look interesting.

Character Design

Lianna is beautifully designed. She looks like a princess from a comic book. This makes the game more charming. The other characters in the game also look special.

Challenges and Replayability in MelanCholianna APK

The game is hard. You might need to play levels many times to win. This can be fun but also frustrating. Some people like the challenge. Others might find it hard to keep playing.

Game Difficulty

The game is challenging. Each level has its own challenges. You need to be smart and careful to get past them. This helps you learn how to avoid mistakes.


The game has good replayability. Even if you finish it once, you can play it again. There are many secrets and hidden items. Finding them all makes the game fun to replay.

Hidden Messages and Easter Eggs in MelanCholianna APK

The game has many hidden messages and Easter eggs. These are fun surprises. They make the game more interesting.

Hidden Messages

In the game, you find hidden messages. These messages give hints about the story. They also help you know how to move forward in the game.

Easter Eggs

There are Easter eggs in the game. These are fun surprises. They can be references to other games, movies, or famous quotes. Finding these Easter eggs makes the game more fun.

Hidden Rooms and Items

Some levels have hidden rooms. You find them by discovering secret doors. These rooms have valuable things or extra story parts. There are also hidden items in the game. Finding these items helps you move forward.

Cryptic Clues

The game has clues that are hard to understand. You can solve them carefully. These clues help you in the game.

Hidden Characters

You can find hidden characters. Talking to these characters helps you know more about the story.

Tips for Playing MelanCholianna APK

  • Take Your Time: Don’t rush. Explore each level carefully.
  • Use Items Wisely: Save your items. Don’t waste them.
  • Explore Carefully: Look for hidden items and secrets.
  • Use Your Skills: Use your skills to beat obstacles and enemies.
  • Avoid Enemies: Avoid fighting enemies if you can. They are hard to beat.
  • Use the Environment: Look for hidden paths and secret areas.
  • Be Patient: Don’t get upset if you make mistakes. Think about your actions.


MelanCholianna APK is a special adventure game. It mixes puzzles with a great story. The graphics, music, and design make it memorable. If you like adventure and puzzles, this game is for you. Download it on PC or Mobile for hours of fun!

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