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App Name Kipas Guys APK
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Size 170 MB
Latest Version v0.65.1
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Last Updated                         February 21, 2024

Kipas Guys is the latest innovation in the gameplay of the Stumble Guys game. It brings tons of gaming thrill and various features to make traditional gameplay more adventurous. Here you will get dozens of characters, avatars, and players with colorful looks. All the avatars and characters are customizable. You can customize avatars & characters to show your personality and boost your gaming skills. In addition to traditional hurdle races, this game also includes jumping & flying modes. Download Kipas Guys now and enjoy a remodeled and more adventurous gameplay.

What is Kipas Guys APK?

If you love to play hurdle games, then you should have played the traditional Stumble Guys. This game offered here on this page is also somewhat a clone or advanced mod of Stumble Guys. The game developers of this game have tweaked the predecessor game and integrated new and advanced features to boost the gameplay. In this new version of the game, you will get the latest set of customizable characters. Moreover, new skin packs are also unlocked here and you will get much-improved graphics.

Features of Kipas Guys

This game title comes with endless hurdle racing fun in a 3D animated environment. Let’s enlist and discuss the features offered by this amazing game.

Improved Graphics

Stumble Guys already has very attractive and animated graphic quality. This advanced version brings more innovations and improvements to the graphics. Here you will get 3D animated graphics with improved visuals and elements.

Colorful Animated Environment

The gaming environment offered by this game is highly attractive and colorful. You will get animated characters, highly attractive colorful visuals, and 3D obstacles.

Dozens of Characters

Kipas Guys APK brings dozens of characters. Here you will get a bunch of new and attractive characters. Compared to its predecessors, here you will get a new set of characters. These characters are highly advanced and can run fast, jump, and fly.

Character Customization

In addition to the diversity of characters, this game also gives you customization characters. You can change the appearance, skill set, and abilities of your characters. All the characters are customizable and you can also try a variety of skins for these characters.

Variety of Avatars

Avatar works as a profile image in games and this app offers a great diversity of animated characters. Moreover, you can tweak these avatars and decorate them as well.

Custom Avatars

There is already great avatar diversity in the game still it allows you to integrate custom avatars. You can customize in-game avatars, and also use images from your gallery as your game avatar.

Plenty of Game Levels

Kipas Guys offers dozens of game levels. Each level comes with different hurdles and difficulty. Hence, you have to be ready for new challenges with every upcoming level.

Free Character Skins

In addition to a diverse range of customization options, this game also has dozens of character skins. All the skins are free and easy to integrate into the character. You can use costumes, caps, skins, and other assets to glorify the charm of your character.

Flying & Jumping Mode

This gaming title does not just offer a hurdle race as it is much more than stumbling. You can switch to flying and jumping mode to try innovations in this hurdle race.

Kipas Guys Download

If you love to enjoy Stumbe Guys, this gaming title will bring a real boost to your stumbling experience. You can download the latest version of this hurdle race game from this for free. Tap the download button now and get unlimited racing fun on the go.

  • Download our APK file given for this fun-filled hurdle race game.
  • After that permit its installation from “Settings>>Security” as it is mandatory for third-party app installations.
  • Now open the game file, press the Install button, and launch the game to enter the animated world of fun.


Kipas Guys APK is among the best games for Stumble Guys lovers. It brings advanced features, improved graphics, and immersive sound effects. With jumping & flying mode, you gonna experience a new boost to your gameplay. Try dozens of new avatars & characters and customize them to your will. Download the game now and redefine your stumbling experience with this advanced version of the game.


Is Kipas Guys available for PC?

Yes, you can play this adventure-filled game on your mobile & PC. Moreover, you can synchronize the game account to enjoy the thrill across devices.

Does Kipas Guys contain ads?

No the gameplay of this game is clean from ads and you won’t face any during your hurdle race fun.

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