Kaguya Player APK

Kaguya Player APK APK

Kaguya Player APK APK

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App Name Kaguya Player APK APK
Genre ,
Size 49MB
Latest Version V1.3.0
MOD Info free
Last Updated                         May 29, 2024

Kaguya Player APK is a simulation game based on animated adult content. It falls in the NSFW category. Here you will find a female animated character that is a princess named Cagua. She came from another planet to this gaming world. Hence, she doesn’t know how to survive, where to go, and what to do. You have to lead this female princess to survival in the game. But that’s not it. Because you can make intimidating adult & erotic scenes with Cagua. She will do what you will ask her to do including erotic scenes. Therefore game owners of this Japanese animate simulator recommend it for 18+ mature users. The game brings a sensual game story with engaging gameplay and intimidating scenes.

What is Kaguya Player APK

It is a 2D world of Japanese anime that offers simulation gameplay. It has an interesting game story that is full of intimidating scenes. Enter the scenic animated world and find the female character ‘Princess Cagua’. Lead this princess to safety and build relations with her. She is so pretty. You can make sensual scenes to enjoy erotic fun with her. The game graphics are 2D and the environment is based on colorful animated visuals. Overall the game is great fun for NSFW category lovers to enjoy intimidating gameplay with a sensual storyline.

Features of Kaguya Player APK

This animated simulation saga brings endless fun and quality game features for adult gamers. Here is what to expect from this animated gaming title.

Japanese Fiction Storyline

It comes with a fictitious storyline based on Japanese anime. In the storyline, you have to lead an alien princess in this unfamiliar world. You aim to lead this girl and take it to a safe place. You can enjoy intimidating & erotic scenes and ask her to do what you wanna do.

Animated Visuals

As it is an animation simulation game, all the visuals are also animated. You will find animated male characters that you have to simulate. Moreover, there is a beautiful female character who is an animated princess. Moreover, all the landscapes and visual elements are in animated appearance.

2D Environment

Gaming graphics are very high as the game immerses players in its 2D environment. All the visuals are very engaging, colorful, and in 2D graphics. This 2D environment gives you a lightweight game experience and stunning gameplay.

Simple Game Control

Kaguya Player APK comes with a simple gaming control for playing games. You can simulate this world and control your game characters with touch control buttons. For movements, all you need is to swipe in desired directions.

Customizable Female Character

Cagua is a very beautiful girl. You can further beautify her by customizing her. This game offers many customization options for this girl character. You can try costumes, beauty products, and other customization to glorify her charms.

Engaging Sound Effects

The game is based on erotic scenes and an engaging game story. Hence, it brings in engaging sounds for those erotic scenes to make the game more intimidating and engaging for the players.

Erotic & Intimidating Fun

This game is only for mature players who are above 18 years old because it is an NSFW category game. You will get erotic and sensual content every now and then in the gameplay.

Kaguya Player APK Download

It is an amazing animated game for sensual simulation lovers. We are offering you the latest version of the game that brings the complete potential of the game. It is easy to download this game and setup this animated simulator on your device. Look for the download button right up there on the front portion of this page. Click it. It will give another button. Click it. Now APK file download is started and you can check its progress in the notification bar. Complete process. Open it. Install it, launch it, and enjoy the intimidating gameplay. 


Kaguya Player APK is a fine 2D simulation for anime lovers. It is based on Japanese animated fiction. You will find an alien girl Cagua who is very pretty and lost in this world. Lead this girl to safety and enjoy sensual fun with her. The game graphics are 2D but very colorful and engaging. It can be played offline & online. The female character is customizable as you can enhance her charm with various costumes and beauty products. Download Kaguya Player APK now and set for an animated journey of intimidating fun with Cagua.

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