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App Name InsTube APK
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Size 8MB
Latest Version v2.6.6
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         February 27, 2024

InsTube is the new entertainment partner, video downloader, and video converter for Android users. It offers diverse support for video downloading from YouTube, social media, and 100s other video platforms. With its built-in browser, you can also enjoy live streaming & browsing for these social media platforms and other websites. It supports diverse multimedia formats, including videos and audio for downloading. The best part is its format conversion as you can change videos into MP3 with perfection. It has a simple UI and offers high-speed downloads with HD quality up to 4K & 8K.

What is InsTube APK?

Multimedia platforms are nourishing very rapidly and millions of videos are posted there every day. On these multimedia platforms, users watch and enjoy video content. Some content touches the hearts of users and they want to download it to their device galleries. However, most multimedia platforms like YouTube and others do not allow users to do that. Hence, users look for tools and apps that can do the job of video downloading from these platforms. Here InsTube App comes into play. This is one of the perfect video downloaders that offers up to 4K quality for video downloads. It supports video downloading from YouTube, tons of websites, and all social media platforms. Moreover, it also works to convert videos into audio files and direct audio downloads for those videos.

Features of InsTube APK

It has a great diversity of features that make it a complete downloader and multimedia asset. Let’s explore the facts and features that make it the biggest downloader and multimedia monster.

Download YouTube Videos

This app is the best of all platforms, apps, and tools for YouTube video downloading. It offers a clean & easy download process with support for all video formats of YouTube videos. Moreover, you can also choose the desired resolution quality and also go for the audio download option. This gives you to complete luxury to consume & download YT content in the desired file format and quality.

Social Media Video Downloads

Social media is the need of every mobile user to get connected with the world and stay tuned with tons of entertainment. But all sorts of social media platforms limit users from downloading other content. Still, users find a way to download those videos & images using third-party downloaders which may be unsafe. The InsTube App is the best social media video downloader. It offers secure and diverse video downloads from social media platforms. You can download videos from any social media platform, in any format, and any desired video quality.

Download Videos From Websites

In addition to social media platforms, and YouTube, there are thousands of websites that serve video content. Hence, this app also supports video downloads from those platforms as well. You can copy the link of any video from hundreds of popular websites and paste it here. This app will process the downloads and give you a download button to get this video.

Upto 4K Video Quality

There are thousands of website-based and app-based platforms for video downloading. But most of them fail to deliver good video quality for downloads. Hence, InsTube has become the go-to option for millions of users. It offers up to 4K quality support for your video downloads. You can download any ordinary quality video into 4K quality due to its quality boosters.

Video to MP3 Converter

This app is not just a video downloader, rather it can efficiently convert videos into MP3. You can flip the downloaded videos into audio format. Moreover, it also supports direct MP3 downloads for any video as it can convert videos directly into audio format and give you the download option for MP3 files.

Support for all Video & Audio Formats

There are dozens of formats when it comes to video and audio files. InsTube is the best downloader, hence it supports all of those formats. You can download videos and audio files in all available formats. It supports HD, 4K, MP4, MP3, 3GP, M4A, PNG, JPG, GIF, and many other formats of audio, video, and image files.

Private Space with Password Lock

As you go on to download videos from different platforms, there might be some videos that you want to keep private. Hence, this app also gives you a password-protected private space. Here you can keep all those private videos and audio files protected behind a password wall.

Efficient File Manager

In addition to downloading, this app also helps you with file management. It works as a file manager and allows you to move, copy, delete, and manage different files on your devices. You can manage downloaded files as well as all other files on your devices in different folders.

High-Speed Downloads

This is the feature that makes the InsTube App unique from all other apps. It offers 10X faster download speed as compared to different app-based and web-based video downloaders. You can achieve a download speed of 10 to 25 mbps with a strong internet connection.

Copy Link Detection for Easy Downloading

If you like any video on YouTube, social media, or any website and copy its link, its enough for this app. This app will automatically detect the link from your clipboard of device and ask you whether you wanna download this video. You can directly download that video by pasting the copied URL in the search box of this app. It will give you a download button for this copied link and you can easily download this video in the desired video or audio format.

Batch Download Support

You won’t be waiting for the completion of a download to start the second one. This InsTube Downloader comes with a batch download system. You can queue as many videos for downloads as you want. This app can process multiple videos and audio files for batch downloads to give you simultaneous downloads for them.

InsTube APK Download

If you willing to get a perfect YT downloader and entertainment app then this app is perfect for you. It will allow you to download videos from YT, Social media, and 100+ popular websites in HD quality. Download the InsTube App using the Download button given on this page. This button includes the latest APK version of this video downloader for free download. You can get it and install it on your android to enjoy non-stop downloading and video entertainment.


InsTube APK is the best video downloader and video entertainment platform for all Android users. You can enjoy 10X faster download speed with up to 4K video quality. Its diverse support allows you to download videos from YT, 100+ popular websites, and all social media platforms. Moreover, you can also convert videos to MP3 for direct audio downloads. Its link detection features are awesome and give you an instant download button for copied links of videos. This is also your file manager and password-protected private space. Download the app and enjoy non-stop downloading and endless entertainment.


Can I Download Insta reels with InsTube?

Yes, this app allows video downloads form Insta reels, and all sorts of multimedia content from  Instagram including videos, images, and highlights.

Does InsTube contain ads?

The app goes against a variety of platforms to allow video downloading and is not featured by the Play Store. Hence, its revenue depends on ads and you have to watch ads in this app to support it so that it keep providing you high quality download services.

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