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App Name Foxy Modz APK
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Size 153 MB
Latest Version v8.4
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         June 8, 2024

Foxy Modz is an Android app that changes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It gives you lots of extra stuff to make the game more fun. You can get special skins, heroes, and items without paying. The app helps you play better by unlocking features that are usually locked or cost money. Some cool things in this Exciting Modz are auto-aim. So, you can shoot better, an ESP menu to see other players’ names and health, and a drone view to see the map in different ways. It also has an aim lock to keep your aim on enemies, making it easier to beat them. This Super APK works on any Android device without needing you to sign in or see lots of ads. Using this ExcitingHub can make playing Mobile Legends more fun.

Foxy Modz

Features of Foxy Modz APK

Foxy Modz provides many free in-game benefits such as:

Unlock Aimbot Features

Aimbot features include Auto Aim, Auto Aim Lock, Closest Distance Skills, Flame Shoot, and Lowest HP. These features help players improve their accuracy and precision during gameplay.

Unlock MLBB Skins and Emblems

Players can unlock various skins and emblems for their characters without spending diamonds or coins, which are usually required in the original game.

Drone Camera Enhancements

Foxy Modz offers Drone Camera enhancements, including 2x and 4x zoom options, allowing players to have a wider and clearer view of the battlefield.

Show Room Info and Enemy Health on the Radar Map

This feature provides players with additional information such as the location and health status of enemies, helping them to strategize more effectively during battles.

Exciting Rewards on Foxy Modz APK

This ThrillingHub offers lots of cool rewards to its users. It’s great for gamers who want to enjoy their gaming even more.

Game Money

It gives you a lot of game money. You can use this money to buy special items, skins, and more. Earn game money by finishing missions, joining events, and fighting other players.

Special Skins and Items

The app has many special skins and items. You can earn these or buy them with game money. These things are very popular and make the game even more fun.

More Rewards as You Level Up

As you reach higher levels in the game, you get special items, game money, and other good things. This makes you want to keep playing and trying all the app’s features.

Daily Gifts

Every day, Foxy Modz APK gives you gifts. These include game money, items, and other good things. It encourages you to keep playing and doing well in the game.

Event Rewards

The app has different events and games you can play. If you do well, you can get special items, game money, and other good things.

Invite Friends and Get Rewards

This GamingApp allows you to invite your friends to join. If they join, you get a lot of game money and other good things.

How to Download Foxy Modz APK

To download this Latest APK, visit a reliable and direct source. Avoid downloading older versions, as they may not work smoothly or could pose security risks. Always use a VPN on your Android phone when downloading APK files to minimize potential risks.

Our Review of Foxy Modz APK

This Unique gaming app keeps getting better with new updates. It has cool features like unlocking all skins, emotes, and effects for free. But be careful, using these mods could put your main Mobile Legends account at risk. It’s safer to use them with a new account.

Additional Information

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a favorite online game where you fight in teams of five. It has many heroes with special abilities, different modes, maps, and cool graphics. People all over the world play it a lot.


Foxy Modz APK makes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang more fun. It gives players free skins, heroes, and other cool stuff. You can use auto-aim, ESP menu, aim lock, drone view, and more to get better at the game. It works on any Android phone, so anyone can use it. But remember, using hacked games might break the rules and get your account banned. Be careful and think about the risks before using these apps. This Enhanced APK is a great tool for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Android. It helps players by giving them lots of features to play better and have more fun.

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