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Englishwale, an Indian portal, created the English Guru App as a tool for English language learning. With features including vocabulary building, spoken practice sessions, video-based instruction, and more, it will improve your English. With this expertly created module, you may improve your written and spoken English. The fact that this website offers both text and video instruction is its best feature. To improve your spoken English, you can also obtain audio-based courses and exercises.

About Spoken English Guru App

English is a universal language that is utilized for international communication. Furthermore, this language is used for nearly 70% of research, communications, and educational content. Therefore, it is a language that everyone in the globe must speak. Since English is so unlike all other Indian languages, it has always been difficult for Indians to learn. As a result, we are offering you the greatest app on this page, which will enable you to speak English fluently. You may improve your written and spoken English by learning the fundamentals of the language as well as grammar rules.


Lecture videos on YouTube

This app’s vast library of YouTube video lessons is its greatest feature. You will learn English from extremely qualified English Gurus in these lectures. Additionally, you can communicate with them in the comment section to get clarification on any questions you may have.

Concepts of Grammar

Grammar is essential for learning any language. You must become proficient in linguistic grammar. As a result, this app covers every grammar concept in detail and has a strong emphasis on grammar rules.

Modules for Pronunciation

People typically acquire fluency in English through language learning. Thus, learning how to pronounce certain words is essential to becoming fluent in this language. The English Guru App has modules on pronunciation that are specifically created. These courses will assist you with correctly pronouncing various words in this language.

Collection of Vocabulary

With millions of words in its vocabulary, English has a wide variety of terms. The app’s lexicon comprises a vast array of English terms. This vast vocabulary list of Spoken English Guru APK contains every word in this language.

Practice Tasks

The adage “Practice makes perfect” is 100% empirically supported. That’s why there were a ton of practice-based lessons in this software. You can use all of the knowledge you have gained from the text and video classes available here in these practice sessions.

Exam Sheet

There are test papers in this app to assess your English learning and preparation. This app will administer a test paper for this topic when each session is finished. This lesson-by-lesson assessment accelerates your acquisition of English. This software allows you to retake this course till you achieve perfection if you do poorly on any exam paper.

Speaking Exercises

Speaking English is the next step after mastering vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, English-to-Hindi translation, and listening exercises. And speaking exercises are included in the English Guru APK, allowing you to practice everything from simple English phrases to formal English speaking.

English Sentences for Everyday Use

This software has a vast library of everyday sentences. These sentences are translated from Hindi to English. in order for you to become familiar with the English of many sentences used in daily life. You may start using English in your daily life in a few days with this collection of sentences.

Practices of Listening

The tone of English speech is quite fluid. A non-native English speaker finds it difficult to comprehend a native speaker. As a result, this app’s listening courses also improve your ability to listen to English. You can get practice hearing English spoken in a variety of native and non-native tones.

Hindi-English Dictionary

Additionally, there is an integrated dictionary that provides translations from Hindi to English. Any word or sentence in Hindi can be typed in to receive its English translation in a matter of seconds. It facilitates text-based communication with clients and customers worldwide.

English Guru App Download

On this website, we provide you with the ideal English Guru in case you are having trouble grasping the language. With the help of this app, you may improve your English to a professional level like a teacher. Let’s just touch the Download button to begin the download. It will start the download process, which will finish in a matter of seconds. You may launch and install this English software by clicking the Install button once you’ve downloaded the APK file. One thing to note is that while installing this program, the “Unknown Source” Installation toggle needs to be kept enabled in the settings.


The greatest English language learning app is the English Guru App. It has a model that was expertly created to improve English language learners’ learning abilities. You will receive video instruction from proficient English speakers. These courses cover everything from fundamental grammar to all the tools needed to speak English professionally. This software is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to speak English fluently because it has a vast vocabulary collection, sentences that are used every day, exam papers, tutorials, and a dictionary that converts Hindi to English.


Can I download YouTube lectures for offline Play?

No, you can not download the lectures from this app. Instead, you have to watch YouTube lectures within the app. However, there is an option to copy the link of these lectures and download them using an additional video downloader.

Does the English Guru app contain premium purchases?

No, there are no paid courses in this app; all of the classes, content, and services are offered without charge.

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