Drain Mansion APK

Drain Mansion APK APK

Drain Mansion APK APK

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App Name Drain Mansion APK APK
Genre ,
Size 191 MB
Latest Version v2.0.3
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         May 29, 2024

Drain Mansion APK is a unique game that is a mix of adventure, exploration, action, puzzle, and mystery. Here you will find yourself in an ancient mansion that is full of mysteries. There are many rooms, doors, and endless mysteries. You have to escape from this mysterious mansion and many dangers are on the way. You have to overcome dangers, unleash mysteries, solve puzzles, fight with enemies, and escape from the mansion. Gameplay is divided into different rooms, and game levels to give you a progressive gaming experience.

What is Drain Mansion APK

Just imagine when you wake up you find yourself on a bed in a strange mansion. This is an ancient palace from where you have to escape. The queen of this strange palace will try to make you a slave. You have to escape from that lady and this mysterious mansion. Many dangers, enemies, puzzles, and mysteries are waiting for you. You have to use your gaming brain and overcome all of these to escape from this mansion.

Features of Drain Mansion APK

This game is full of mysteries and gaming features. Here is the list of mysterious features that will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.

World of Mysteries

As it is mentioned earlier, this is an old house. Hence, in this old and vast palace, you will find many mysteries. You have to unravel these mysteries to progress in the gameplay. There are dozens of rooms & doors in this mansion and there is a new mystery behind every door.

Variety of Puzzles

The aim of the players is to escape from this ancient and mysterious palace. But when you try to escape, many puzzles come your way. You have to solve each and every puzzle to progress in the game and complete your escape. These puzzles become more challenging with progressive levels of the game.

Fight with Enemies

Drain Mansion APK has a mansion queen with many slaves and servants. When you try to escape from this place, these servants, slaves, and the queen become your enemy. You have to fight with all these enemies to complete your survival mission and escape from the house.

Immersive Graphics

This game is highly dependent on its game story and challenging gameplay. Hence, it has focused less on its graphics. But still, you will find immersive 2D graphics here for your gaming joy. The visuals are very scary to give this mysterious world an immersive look.

Curious Soundscapes

In this world of mysteries and dangers, horror background music will accompany you. Moreover, the realistic sound effects and curious soundscapes give this game the look of a horror movie scene where you watch an ancient palace full of ghosts and enemies.

Different Game Levels

Drain Mansion APK has an endless game story that is divided into different levels. You will have hundreds of levels with different rooms, mysterious setups, and challenges. As you go from one level to another the difficulty of puzzles and games also increases. Hence, you have to be better at every level compared to the previous one.

No Ads

The game is based on offline gameplay to enjoy the fun without the internet. When you don’t need internet for it that means no ads at all. You can enjoy endless fun in this mysterious world without any ad issues.

Drain Mansion APK Download

On this APK platform, we have highly secure and fully scanned APK files of games & apps. You can get the APK file of this mysterious adventure from this page. Hit the download button to trigger the download link. Get the download link, tap on it, and complete the download. Go to settings, permit Unknown Source, and complete installation to launch this mysterious mansion on your Android.


Drain Mansion APK will drain your mind in an ancient palace. It is an adventure game that brings a touch of exploration, horror, puzzles, and action. You will enjoy the fun in 2D immersive graphics with mysterious landscapes. There are many rooms, doors, enemies, puzzles, and challenges in this mysterious palace. Stay alert all the time as there is danger waiting for you at every step in every room. Download Drain Mansion APK and enjoy the gaming fun to show your gaming skills and adventurous moves.

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