CODM Test Server APK

CODM Test Server APK APK

CODM Test Server APK APK

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App Name CODM Test Server APK APK
Genre ,
Size 1.7 GB + 1.6 GB
Latest Version v25.1_19.1
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         March 11, 2024

CODM Test Server APK is the testing version of Season 7 of the Call of Duty Mobile game. It is designed by developers as a test basis to attain the feedback of users about season 7 which is yet to be released. This testing version brings all the latest features maps and improved gameplay of season 7. It is globally available without any country restrictions. You can enjoy the latest features of the season before the official release of this season from game developers. Moreover, you can also submit your feedback about the game for further improvements.

What is CODM Test Server APK?

Call of Duty Mobile is a globally popular game played by millions of users. The developers of this game are preparing to release the 7th season of the game. Hence, they have offered a test version for that season. You can try this season before its official release with this test version. It is meant to get users’ feedback. So play with your best gaming experience and try to help developers with screenshots, or videos if you detect any problem in the game.

Features of CODM Test Server APK

Though it is a testing version of the game but offers plenty of gaming features. Here are the top features of this testing version.

Plenty of New Weapons

This is the upcoming season of the game that offers plenty of powerful weapons. You can choose from a wide range of weapons. Some popular additions to the weapon collection include:

  • ZRG Sniper
  • SwitchBlade X9 SMG
  • Butterfly Knife Melee

Different Game Modes

CODM Test Server APK is for the latest 7th season and offers many game modes. Users can play the game in different modes according to their choices. Some popular game modes included in this version are the following.

  • 3v3 Gun Fight
  • Hardcore Headquarters
  • Grind
  • Hardcore Hardpoint
  • Battle Royale Blitz

Game Effects & Skins

In Call of Duty Mobile game, skins and effects are very important. Skins improve the performance of your game hero and effect help to increase your battle power. Therefore this CODM version offers all the advanced skins and powerful gaming effects.

New Maps

There are already many amazing maps in this game. But this new version also brings four exciting maps for players. You can enjoy games online on any of these maps in any game mode. These maps are:

  • Raid Holiday
  • Snowboard
  • Nuketown Russia
  • Rebirth

High-Quality Graphics

CODM Test Server APK is a testing version but offers original graphic quality. You can enjoy the game with HD-quality graphics similar to the official seasons of the game.

Subscription-Free Gaming

The test version is for only 30K lucky players. Hence, register early to get access to it. You only need to register and there are no subscription charges included in it. All the maps, features, weapons, and gameplay are free.


Usually, MOBA games are flooded with ads. These ads make the gameplay boring and cause plenty of interruptions. But this CODM Test Server for season 7 is free from ads. You can enjoy seamless gaming ad-free battles and endless fun without any interruptions.

CODM Test Server 7th Season Download

7th season of the game is in the preparatory phase. Its test version is live now. You can enjoy its fully unlocked gameplay for the trial period. It is for getting users’ feedback as you have to give back your suggestions about the game. The download file is available here but it is important to mention that not everyone can play it. You have to go to the official game website and apply for registration for this trial version. It will be offered to the first 30K players. So hurry and register your ID to claim it. Once you have registered, you can play it by downloading it here. Tap the download button and get a fully unlocked trial version to enjoy the 7th season before its release.


CODM Test Server APK is the trial released for the 7th season of the Call of Duty Mobile game. It offers enhanced graphics and fluent gameplay for an improved experience. You can play the game with a diverse range of weapons. Many exciting weapons and guns are released in this trial version. Moreover, you can enjoy the MOBA gaming thrill on four new maps. Get registered and download the game to enjoy the advanced thrill of the 7th season of CODM.


How many new maps are in the CODM Test Server?

There are four new maps Raid Holiday, Snowboard, Nuketown Russia, and Rebirth.

When CODM Test Server will be released?

This trial server is live now. You can download it here, and enjoy the 7th season before its official release.

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