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App Name CODM Injector APK APK
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Size 101 MB
Latest Version v1.0.41
MOD Info free
Last Updated                         April 18, 2024

CODM Injector APK is free to enhance your gameplay and game speed in the Call Of Duty Mobile Game. It unlocks different features including zombies, name tags, wall X-rays, and others. You will also get much-improved graphics and visual quality for your gameplay with this injector. It enhances game speed & character speed which will give you lag free experience. You can also enjoy the game in different game modes as it unlocks all the modes of CODM.

What is CODM Injector APK

Call Of Duty is a globally popular MOBA title & FPS game. It has a mobile version. In this mobile version, different features are locked. Moreover, heavy game graphics cause lags on different Android mobiles. Hence, we are offering you an injector for the mobile version of the game. It comes with speed boosters for your gameplay and game characters. Moreover, it also unlocks different features, characters, and assets. Hence, you will get an unlocked and enhanced experience for your game after using this tool.

Features of CODM Injector APK

This injector has plenty to offer for players on mobile devices. Here are a few notable offerings of this injector for Android mobile players of the game.

Intense Battle Royale

Call of Duty is known for its intense battle royale. But this injector will enhance the battle royale speed and make it more speedy and intense for you.  You can speedify your gameplay and stay ahead of others on the battle royale battlefield.

Improved Graphics

This game has high-quality graphics which make it tough to adjust for Android devices. Hence, this CODM Injector APK brings graphic improvements for you. You will experience optimized and improved graphics for your gameplay on mobile devices.

Zombies Unlocked

In the official version, you have to use your game coins and points to unlock zombies. But this tool unlocks those monster zombies free for you. These zombies will help you to fight with opponents. These zombies are monster creatures and kill all of your foes.

Enhanced Character Speed

Does your character move slowly on the battleground? CODM Injector APK will enhance its speed. You can experience very swift movements of your character on the battlefield. This enhanced speed will give you an edge over other mobile users in the game.

No Game Lags

Due to heavy game size and high-quality graphics, game lags are common for mobile users. In particular, low-end Android devices have to face plenty of game lags and slow gameplay. This tool will enhance the game speed and you will experience zero lags in the gameplay.

Name Tags

In the official version, you have to spend coins to use name tags. This COMD tool will inject a name tag feature into your gameplay. You can use various name tags for your gameplay and game characters.

Game Modes Unlocked

There are many game modes in Call of Duty Mobile game. This injector will unlock all of those modes and combat battles. You can play multiplayer mode, team deathmatch mode, and all other game modes.

Wall X-Ray

This is a special trick that helps players to watch across the wall. You can find hidden gems, zombies, foes, and assets across the wall. It will boost your eyesight and combat power on the battlefield.

CODM Injector APK Download

This injector comes in an APK file that is available for free download here. You can use the download button to get a Call of Duty Mobile Injector for your game. Get the APK file. Now it is installation time which requires setting customization. Go to settings for it. In the setting, navigate to the Security section and permit Unknown sources for APK installation. Open the APK file of this COMD injector tool and install it.


CODM Injector APK is the best and most used injector tool for Call of Duty Mobile Game. It offers much improved and fully optimized game graphics. You can unlock, zombies, name tags, and various features with it. It brings lag-free gaming by boosting the speed of game characters and gameplay. Moreover, you will also get many customization options with this injector. It brings a Wall X-ray trick to see across the wall. Download CODM Injector APK now and enhance your mobile gaming experience with a real boost.

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