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Box Skin APK APK

Box Skin APK APK

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App Name Box Skin APK APK
Genre ,
Size 17.1MB
Latest Version v17.7
MOD Info free
Last Updated                         May 29, 2024

Do you wish to have every asset and all the game features of MLBB? Then Box Skin APK brings all your desired game features and assets for free. It patches the game using various custom scripts and unlocks features for its users. You can unlock effects, ESPs, menus, skins, and maps. It also brings map customization and other game customization for you. Moreover, it unlocks legendary character sets to give you every game character for free. The best thing is that you can customize characters, maps, soundscapes, and other elements of the game.

What is New SkinBox

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a world-famous MOBA title due to its quality graphics and intense battles. For this game, users have to make real money purchases to unlock skins. But now its time to get rid of the expenses for these skins. This New SkinBox APK comes with packs of skins for legendary ML characters and weapons. In addition to skins, it also unlocks many game features including characters, customizations, and tricks.

Features of Box Skin APK

You will get tons of features for patching your game and enhancing your gameplay. Here is what you can patch for your game.

New SkinBox

This tool gives you a New SkinBox that contains all the legendary skins. You can try tons of skins for characters, weapons, tanks, and guns. All these skins are free to use while the premium users pay real money for these skins.

All Effects Unlocked

On the legendary battleground of MLBB, many types of effects are used by players. This tool will unlock all the effects free for you to show your gaming level. You can enhance your recalling, respawning, and combat performance with these effects.

ML Characters

Box Skin APK also offers a complete range of characters that includes premium ones as well. You can choose from diverse characters and also try various free outfits for them. This tool integrates complete customization options for your characters.

All Maps Unlocked

MLBB is greatly known for its highly attractive maps. Among these maps, some are unlocked with ML diamonds while others with real money. But now this New SkinBox APK unlocks all maps for free. You can get maps and also customize these legendary maps to match your style.

Customization Options

This tool unlocks a customization box for MLBB. You can use this tool to customize various elements in the game including soundscapes, maps’ landscapes, visual elements, and backgrounds.

All Menus Unlocked

Box Skin APK unlocks various game menus. For instance, you can unlock the aim menu for the betterment of your aiming & shooting. It gives ESP menus to unlock all ESPs and emotes for the gameplay.

Drone View

You can get a free drone view that is not available free officially in the game. It will assist you in looking from the skies into the battleground to assess the position of enemies and the locations of different assets.

Wall Trick

Moreover, this New SkinBox tool will also give you walltrick feature. This feature assists in looking for hidden enemies and things behind the walls and obstacles.

Box Skin APK Download

Downloading this patching box and using it for the MLBB game is against the game’s policies. Still, millions of users use it to dodge Moblie Legends to unlock game features. You can also do the same but completely at your own risk for your MLBB account. To download it,  just tap the download button now and get it here for free. Open the file and install this New SkinBox magic on your mobile.


Box Skin APK is an amazing patching tool for MLBB to unlock game features and integrate skins into the game. It unlocks various magic tools and tricks for you to keep you ahead. You can use skins. Get all characters. Unlock maps. Customize maps, characters, soundscapes, and landscapes. Its integrations like Drone View, Wall Trick, and Aimbot are amazing. Download Box Skin APK injector for free and enhance your game with simple feature integration.

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