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App Name Alpha Box Injector APK
Genre ,
Size 4 MB
Latest Version v18.6
MOD Info Free
Last Updated                         June 23, 2024

The Alpha Box Injector is a tool for the game Mobile Legends. It allows players to use cheats and special features without paying. Made by RDM87, this app gives free drone views, battle effects, emotes, and skins. To use this Amazing gaming tool, download the newest version from our website. The app says it is 100% safe, but it is better to use a new game account to stay safe from getting banned. This is a strong tool for Mobile Legends players. It has many features to help players do better in the game.

Alpha Box Injector

Features of Alpha Box Injector

Skin Box

Unlock skins for different types like “Fighter”, “Tanks”, “Haasan”, “MM”, “Maze”, and “Support”. Due to these skins, the characters look very charming and attractive.

Drone Box

You can see the battlefield from different drone views. This helps you see where enemies are and plan your moves.

Spawn Box

You can pick where you want to start on the map. Options include Super Decent, Arrival Sword, MSC, MCL, and more.

Recall Box

Players can get special abilities called battle recalls like Blazing West, KOF, M1 Glory, Light, and Dark. These can change the game and help you win.

Eliminate Box

You can use more than 10 hacks like Calamity End, Starlight, RIP, and more. These help you beat enemies fast.

Analog Box

You can also choose from 18 analogs, like Mia Legends, Suede Legends, and Double Identity. Analogs make your character stronger.

Notification Box

Players can get updates during battles. This helps you know where enemies are and what to do next.

Emote Box

Game enthusiasts can use 25 special animations to talk to teammates or scare opponents.

Other Features

The app has a backup option and is easy to use. You can change settings and upgrade to VIP for more features in the next update.

How to Download and Install

  • Download the APK from our most reliable website.
  • Allow third-party apps on your phone.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and then, install the app.
  • Open the app and pick the features you want.

Some Other Specialities of Alpha Box Injector

Backup for All Cheats

This Enhanced PlayingHub has a backup option for all cheats. Users can go back to old settings if needed. If something goes wrong, they can restore the backup to fix it.

Green-Colored Interface

The app looks nice with a green color. It is easy on the eyes and pleasant to use. The layout is clean, so users can find things quickly.

Easy Skin Access

Alpha Box Injector lets users unlock new skins for Mobile Legends. In the “Skin Box” section, users can find skins for Fighters, Tanks, Assassins, Marksmen, Mages, and Supports. They can pick and use skins to change their characters’ looks.

Automatic Updates

The app updates often. It tells users when a new update is ready. This keeps the app up-to-date and working well.

Custom Settings Coming Soon

Future updates will let users change settings in the app. This will make the app more flexible and better fit users’ needs.

Good for All Gamers

Alpha Box Injector is for all skill levels. Whether you’re new or experienced in Mobile Legends, the app has features for everyone.

Simple Interface

The app is easy to use. The layout is clear, with labels for different features. Users can find and use cheats without any confusion.

Ongoing Improvements

The app gets better with each update. Developers add new features and make the app more fun to use.


The Alpha Box Injector helps Mobile Legends players. It makes the game better with many features. Players can unlock skins, see from different views, choose where to spawn, recall in battles, use special abilities, get notifications, and use emotes. These features help players win more easily. But, using cheats and hacks can break game rules. It might get your account banned. So, use this GamingApp carefully. The app updates often with new features. This makes it even better for players. This PlayingHub is great for Mobile Legends players. Serious gamers will find it very useful.

Important Note

Using cheats and hacks can be against the game’s rules. This might get your account banned. The Alpha Box Injector can make Mobile Legends more fun but use it carefully.

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